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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

We Are Both Rejects

Well they have finally arrived and we both get them on the same day - our London Marathon commiserations emails. We are both rejects. L is relieved, I am gutted but its hardly unexpected.

I have now ordered some new trainers for my Birmingham adventure and they should be here tomorrow. In time for me to injure myself in them at Peterborough this weekend.

Unless I do it tonight of course. I finally do the training run that I had planned to do a month or more ago and I run all the way home. I am then gutted for the second time today when I realise that it is only 21.7km e.g. only a smidge over half marathon distance. I thought it would be further. So I still haven’t run any further than a half marathon.

Daughter (and MD) come to the rescue and we do an extra 5k around the local streets.

L's osteopath told her yesterday that she could swim, so L swims and hopefully doesn’t over do it.

(Wednesday 4th October)

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

In The Shins

Back on the bike this morning and it was a lot harder than I expected, so perhaps my legs aren’t recovering as well as I thought.

L has an Osteopath appointment, who beats her about a bit and I think improves things a touch. He also tells her not to run... Luckily I don’t think she’s moving well enough to kick him in the shins.

Dog training tonight and then in the Masons afterwards with L and the usual beers.

(Tuesday 3rd October)

Monday, 2 October 2017

Plaster Shopping

L thanks for an exciting weekend despite her units being a tad high. That would be Tuesday's naughty whisky. Who needs Malmo?

The old legs seem to be coping ok with the half marathons and I feel I could run today if I wanted to. The only problem is the gorgeous blisters that I have. I imagine they’ll be particularly wonderful after a full marathon. L suggests I check out Compeed blister pads when I’m in Sainsburys later.

While I’m shopping for plasters, L sneaks off for a lunchtime swim. 

Then it’s a very blustery dogging session.

(Monday 2nd October)

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Malmo Substitute

Well it could have been Malmo but it wasn’t to be and now here we are in Lincoln instead. Malmo was a tentatively plan for my 50th Birthday running teat but it just proved too difficult to get over there for a weekend. I need to start planning further out next time and by which point L should be fit enough to play a full part.

My entry to Lincoln went in very late and at first it looked like they were going to make me drive over to Lincoln on Saturday just to pick my number up but they relented. As it turns out there are loads of people collecting their numbers on the day. It is a day that starts very dull and rainy but it does fine up by start time.

This is the second running of the event which starts at the Lincoln Showground which we know well from the many dog shows that are held there.

You can see why they held the start and finish out at the Showground but it’s a bit of a dull run in to Lincoln itself from there. It’s also surprisingly not very supporter friendly because the start was a fair old hike from race HQ as it was held on the far periphery of the showground and supporters also weren't allowed past the finish line to watch us complete it.

However, once the race got into Lincoln it was great. There was plenty of support there and an interesting section on the river front, followed by lovely big hill up to the Castle and then a nice little cobbled section.

Then there’s the long dull run back to the Showground and a final stretch along the very gravelly access road which hurts my feet. It makes me think I some less minimalist trainers for my marathon, which isn’t really what you’re supposed to do two weeks out from a race.

I cross the line in a reasonable 01:45 to be handed the traditional pint of Erdinger Alcohol free.

In the evening we tour Canning Circus and finish off with a curry from the Park Tandoori.

(Sunday 1st October)

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Finally In The Bag


Today, ta da, it's finally L’s 100th parkrun. Most likely against doctor’s orders but now it’s finally in the bag. Bravo. Now she can get herself a new T-shirt.

The big event comes at Beeston as Daughter continues her tourism. L runs with her while I run with MD. We’ve only done Beeston once before and now I remember why we haven’t been back. It’s so damn narrow that MD and I get stuck at the back and are unable to overtake. I find it very frustrating but MD likes it when we don’t go too fast.

There are now two coffee shops near the Beeston Parkrun so we try the new one and it’s very pleasant although I think most people stick to the one they know which is good because there’s no queues at ours.

(Saturday 30th September)

Friday, 29 September 2017

The Cormoran Strike Limp

L gets carried away at the gym and hobbles home while I get carried away running home from work and... although I don't quite hobble, I do develop a bit of a Cormoran Strike limp. Yes, we've actually been watching some TV. We're always been partial to a bit of Cormoran and Robin.

Thankfully my limp is only minor. It's not calf related and it's purely down to some nicely festering blisters.

L’s always had a bit of a crush on Cormoran Strike and that’s just from the books. Well more precisely the audiobooks, so it’s probably actually the narrator she fancies and has nothing to do with that fact that Cormoran has a limp like mine.

It’s Friday, if someone will help us both upstairs.

(Friday 29th September)

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Through The Pain

On the bike today and then in the pub for lunch.

Squash is cancelled as my opponent has hurt his ankle doing a run. He says it started hurting towards the end of his 5k on the treadmill but he ran through the pain and finished it anyway. Then he asks if that sounds familiar. Hmm, maybe. It’s dangerous stuff this running business.

This development sort of stuffs up L’s planned run to meet us at squash but I’m happy to pretend I’ve played anyway and wait in the pub for her. I like to be helpful like that. Sadly, or happily for her injury, she’d already decided not to run and is going to the gym instead. Beers at home then.

(Thursday 28th September)

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The No Rush Hour

I’m back in London today for a meeting, so it’s an early start. I meet my boss at the Holiday Inn on the M1 junction and we head down in his car.

For once it’s a decent trip by road. The meeting has a late start and an early finish, so we miss most of the rush hour(s) traffic. We are back in Derby for 4pm despite stopping for lunch at Ed’s Diner, I’m home early to chuck balls and in plenty of time for tonight’s dog training.

(Wednesday 27th September)

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Less Eventful

On the bus today and thankfully a much less eventful trip into work.

Someone has put their first half marathon t-shirt from 2005 on Facebook and L immediately dismisses him as a lightweight. Hers was the Robin Hood Half in 1998 although I don’t think it was even known as the Robin Hood back then and not that she has a t-shirt for it because they’ve only just started giving them out.

I’m more interested in whether he still wears it. I still wear my first half marathon t-shirt which was from Sleaford in 2010.

Tonight I’m out with my old school friends in Derby, hence the bus. After a few drinks in the Brunswick, we head to steak night at the Babington Arms. Only really because the Brunswick doesn’t do food on a Tuesday.

Back home, I am greeted by the dogs complete with flecks of white paint in Doggo’s case. L must have restarted the decorating project. Then I join her in a couple of whiskies which I assume are for medicinal purposes not that my dentist would approve.

(Tuesday 26th September)

Monday, 25 September 2017

Renegade Fruit Juice Habit

This morning I arrive for work at 10am, having left home two hours and twenty minutes earlier.
A car had broken down on the A52 near Derby and traffic had backed up all the way back to Bardill’s roundabout, just outside Nottingham. It had also snarled up the slip roads off the M1 and thereby the M1 itself. Quite an achievement.

It was also unnecessary. It was a tiny car which could have been pushed off the road in seconds but instead a police car had put cones round it and sat behind it with all it’s blue lights on.

L is also heading to Derby today, meeting her folks. Good luck with that one.

Shopping is again without a Nectar card. Just how long does it take to replace one?

Then I’m at the dentist where I get lectured on my general health even though the chap has no idea how my general health is. That isn't after all his job. I even get asked the age old question about how many alcohol units I consume per week and whether I am inside the new guidelines. I refuse to answer his questions and I have no idea what this has to do with my teeth.

I am also advised that if I am going to drink fruit juice in the mornings then this should not be done before brushing my teeth but I shouldn’t drink it afterwards either unless it’s through a straw. Life used to be so simple. Apparently it’s all to do with looking after the enamel on my teeth. Although he confirms that the 50 year old enamel on my teeth is fine... despite my current renegade fruit juice habits.

After that I’m relieved to get to dog training.

(Monday 25th September)