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Friday, 28 April 2017

Pensionable Age

On the bike again today.

I think I’ve got problems with old age now that I’m 50 but L has had an email telling her she can draw her pension after her 55th next week. Well, it was age 50 when I started by personal pension so we could have been pensioners together.

Doggo is, of course, already of pensionable age and now we’re got MD, who seems to be slowing down. Probably not too surprising as today is his birthday. He's 9, blimey, and still the puppy. In the evening, we order curry and we get him his own naan bread as a treat. 

Talking of birthdays...

We’re got a bit behind with the old Top of the Pops, what with having a lodger but we’re back on it now. It is now 34 years since TOTP celebrated its 1000th edition which was originally on the 5th May 1983. That’s some milestone, although the show eventually well exceeded 2000.

Sadly the BBC repeated the 999th and the 1001st editions but the skipped over the 1000th because inevitably Jimmy Savile and other persona non grata were there. So they denied us a chance to relive that milestone because they wouldn’t edit it. Luckily it’s all available on Youtube.

I recorded the 1000th show at the time onto a music cassette as it was also broadcast live on the radio that night and I played it regularly afterwards, such was the esteem held for TOTP in those days. It will be in the loft somewhere I’m sure but probably not in a good state.

(Friday 28th April)

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Almost Indistinguishable

Yay it’s my birthday. Although in many ways it’s almost indistinguishable from any other day.

I have a pleasant bike in to work, which isn’t unusual, after having a very pleasant time before I even got out of bed, which isn't unusual either. Upon arrival at work, I don’t get greeted with cake, just my usual bowl of porridge. I do get a card from everyone at work which continues the theme of needing glasses and alcohol.

L says told you so, things wouldn't change once you reached 50. Nobody even mentions having a mid-life crisis and buying a Porsche and\or running off with a younger woman. Not that I can afford a Porsche even if I wanted one and they don’t make younger women like they used to.

I do get an odd gadget from one of my friends, so odd I'll need to google what it is.

L gets me a ‘marathon package’. New trainers, a promise of a Birmingham Marathon entry (should I remain uninjured) and a pre-race massage by her Pilates chap, that is if no Swedish blonde wants the job. He can always wear a wig I suppose but it wouldn’t be quite the same.

In the evening, in another non-departure from the usual, I play squash and my opponent doesn’t even let me win. Although it is satisfying that he suggests a sixth game rather than our usual five and he is practically crawling on the floor by the time the next pair knock on the door to rescue him.

Afterwards we go to the Dispensary, where we do stray from the usual script. We have a meal and Daughter joins us. 

(Thursday 27th April)

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Identikit Dullness

I’m on the bus today, for a rest. Whisper it quietly but I’m feeling a bit knackered.

I book tickets for Bananarama at Birmingham’s NIA because the Theatre Royal in Nottingham sold out instantly. Well before instantly actually, I think they all went on 'pre-sale'. At least we can probably combine the gig with a night out in the second city. I was hoping they’d have some standing tickets but I think they've assumed that none of their audience will be young enough or fit enough to do something like that. So we have seats, which are probably in a different post code to the stage.

L says she’ll try and find some glitter. Glitter? I'm not sure why...

Daughter is having internet problems at her new abode. All properties do this thing where the previous tenant has to have everything disconnected only for the next tenant to have to pay through the nose to have everything reconnected. Then because it’s invariably different people doing the connecting, it all goes pear shaped. As it the case here. They even tell her to be in, so she has the day off, only to not turn up and then say she didn’t need to be in after all.

Dogging tonight and it’s all on a course that I requested and which did for us at Scunthorpe dog show the other week. Well it is my birthday tomorrow.

I meet L afterwards in the Masons where they have clearly been working hard on NOT celebrating my birthday given the identikit dullness of their beer selection of Bass, Pedigree, Speckled Hen and Harvest Pale. Ho hum.

(Wednesday 26th April)

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Game Of Chase

It’s still cold this morning, so it’s a chilly bike ride in but, of course, the chill can always be alleviated by a game of chase.

For once I manage to find a cyclist that I can actually catch and the one I chase down on way out of Wollaton turns out to be girl who, when she sees me, promptly speeds up in an attempt to evade capture even though it appears to be practically killing her to do so. Obviously, I’m well used to this natural female reaction to my presence or perhaps it’s just the natural reaction of one cyclist to attempt to stay ahead of another cyclist.

When I finally do put her out of her misery, catch and pass her, she eases off before dropping like a stone into the distance. Clearly relieved to not have to ride fast any more or perhaps just glad to be free of the weirdo who was cycling behind her.

Not having seen Daughter for ages since she moved out, two days ago, she accepts an offer to come round for tea tonight.

(Tuesday 25th April)

Monday, 24 April 2017

Oooh Technology

I go for my early morning swim at Harvey Hadden having pre-booked in advance on their App. Oooh technology. L goes separately to John Carroll after her usual amble with the boys.

Daughter emails to says she’s spent her first night in her new flat sharing her bed with a pair of pliers. I wondered where they went. I hope they weren’t too uncomfortable to sleep on.

Yesterday was the London Marathon, which we watched and now we’re pining (a little) to do it next year. Well I’m not really pining much at all but L says I should do it and perhaps I should, one day.

One of our Thunder Run team mates ran it this year and complains of them running out of t-shirts in her size. You’d think, of all races, that the London Marathon would get the t-shirt order right.

Today it is announced that the original Bananarama threesome have reunited and will be touring at the end of the year. I think this means I will get getting tickets.

Tonight I’m up dogging on the hill, a very cold hill.

(Monday 24th April)

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Fitter, Faster, Younger

Today is the day we finally move Daughter in to her new flat in Mapperley Park. 'Day' actually meaning afternoon, of course, after the Sunday lie-in.

Later I do a track session at the Velodrome, which goes well despite the usually problems of everyone else being fitter, faster and younger than me. L stays at home this week, so afterwards it’s just my dad and I adjourning to the Exeter for a few beers.

(Sunday 23rd April)

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Something Approaching Normal

We head off this morning to try the new parkrun at Bestwood. Bloody hilly is the best way of describing it. It’s also very quiet, probably because it’s bloody hilly and maybe because the café, missing out on a serious business opportunity, doesn’t open until 10am after most runners have already gone home.

Then it’s home to cut the grass before we head off curtain rail shopping at B&Q with Daughter as we continue to fit out her penthouse apartment. Luckily, it appears that the car has now finished it’s ‘not turning right’ protest and appears to be back to something approaching normal.

Having only been in Derby yesterday for lunch, tonight we return for a longer session and spend most of the evening in the Flowerpot before finishing off in the Silk Mill.

(Saturday 22nd April)

Friday, 21 April 2017


Doggo must now really look forward to see what we’re going give him every meal time to liven up his dog food up as dog food alone now seems to be below him. I was torn as to whether to give him leftover potatoes for breakfast and to save the leftover rice for tea but I indulged him in the end and gave him both. Of course none of these are actually ‘leftover’ as we now routinely cook extra just for him.

I bike to work while L has a leisurely morning at home. Ball chucking, cleaning a few windows while chucking a ball, hanging out washing while chucking a ball, that sort of thing. Then she goes into work for a bit just so that she can have a cup of tea without chucking a ball.

Then she heads off to her romantic lunch date. Which is with me, in case you're wondering. We meet in Derby and I indulge her with the £5 pint and a sandwich deal at the Brunswick. Hopefully I’m on a promise for later after such indulgence. 

(Friday 21st April)

Thursday, 20 April 2017

A Shambolic Process

On the bike today and slightly damp as it rains on me for the first time in a while.

We have one entry into the new London Landmarks Half Marathon which was a shambolic process but I think these races like it this way as it gets them talked about. In the end preregistering was pointless, as entries were open to anyone whether they’d preregistered or not, and you could only do one entry at a time. It was easy enough to get myself a place but by the time I’d done that and started over again entering L’s details the race was full. So the internet is now awash with people who are in but their partner isn’t. Like us.

The website also said it would hold your place for 15 minutes once you were on, to give you time to enter you details but this turned out to be untrue. Cue meltdown on Facebook.

There were actually only half of the 10000 places available, the rest are now being offered as charity places and cost about eight times the standard place. If the race was a concert, this would be referred to ticket touting.

Squash tonight, to which L walks with MD. Then afterwards we do two pubs in a night as we go to both the Navigation and the Dispensary at the request of my (usually non drinking) opponent.

(Thursday 20th April)

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Nothing But The Best

Doggo continues to insist on nothing but the best for breakfast, as a dog of his senior years would probably expect. Not everyone gets gravy for breakfast but he does.

I cycle to work while L hits the gym. Then she bombards me with an endless steam of emails. Busy are we?

It’s still the Easter holidays and her boss is away, so there’s not much going on at her work. She says she’ll take Friday off if things don’t pick up. The dogs will certainly make sure she’s not bored if she spends the day at home.

In the evening, she takes the car over to Mickleover to visit her parents which means I have to break the news to her that the car is currently refusing to turn right or rather it’s refusing to indicate that’s what you wish it to do.

(Wednesday 19th April)