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Sunday, 9 August 2020


Obviously I haven’t been to a gig since March but the weekend, well Thursday onwards, brings a threesome of streamed gigs in four days.

Or rather it was supposed to and first up was Ride who streamed their gig from Omeara, London Bridge on the Dice platform but we all watched as the display constantly froze and the stream buffered throughout the first four songs before they canned the whole thing part way into song five.

They ended up recording the whole thing ‘as live’ and then sending out a link to the show which I then watched on Sunday. So three gigs in three days then. When it finally came Ride’s show was worth waiting for. Fairly short at just thirteen songs and the thing it brought home to me was how good last year’s ‘This Is Not a Safe Place’ album is. I hadn’t bought it but I have now.

Next up on Friday were the Slow Readers Club streamed from The Met, Bury on Veeps. This was the Readers’ second live stream and they were more ambitious than Ride, playing 21 tracks.

The band have been trying to get on the road to tour their fourth album ‘The Joy Of The Return’ but have so far failed to do so with the dates now kicked back to 2021. They play plenty from that album even though it’s no longer the new kid on the block with album number five ‘91 Days In Isolation’ previewed tonight. This is material written in isolation with the band sharing compositions with each other online and it will officially be released in the Autumn.

Finally on Sunday, and now with the rescheduled Ride supporting (on my TV at least), came Frank Turner which, like Ride, was streamed on Dice but without the technical issues. He was playing at Vans for Bands, Oxford and he’d billed this as his 2500 gig after counting 14 solo shows during lockdown. Actually I think he did far more than that... but accuracy would spoil the occasion.

He’s performing with his band The Sleeping Souls for the first time in months and the proceeds will largely help them out after they took a financial hit during the pandemic.

Frank delivers of course even if it’s not quite as riotous in my lounge as it was at Rock City for his 2000th but I try my best even if it is only 16 songs from Frank.

On my night off from ‘gigging’, e.g. Saturday, we visit the Horse and Jockey in Stapleford which seems to be operating almost as normal with just a few chairs taken out of use. You’re even allowed to visit the bar. Not that I want to visit the bar as I much prefer having table service. Which means it probably won’t be top of my list to revisit.

(Sunday 9th August)

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Eat Out To Help Out

It’s time to follow the Government’s advice of losing weight and eating out to help out at the same time.

So on Monday I do a 10k run with the Lad, accompanied by MD for about the last km. Then on Tuesday we head over to meet Son in Leamington for a Rishi special. Where he informs us that his Wedding and Honeymoon have unsurprisingly been delayed again. Now scheduled for March 2021.

The powers that be will also be pleased to know I played tennis on Tuesday and nearly won a set. The second set finished 6-6 but my opponent was too knackered to play a tie break. So I imagine that will go down on his spreadsheet as a drawn set and not that he effectively conceded the whole match.

The one way system and queuing have now all gone at Asda but they have finally put plastic screens between all the self-checkouts, it’s only taken them five months. Also on the plus side mask wearing seems to have belatedly taken off although for some people this simply means that they see no need for social distancing at all.

We decide to order new parts for our garden bench. The only problem is that delivery could take up to twelve weeks as they’ve been snowed under with requests from everyone doing the same thing during Lockdown. This will at least give us more time to dismantle all the old rusty bolts off it.

The London Marathon finally admit that October’s race will be for elites only, who will have to run eighteen laps of a 1.5 miles course in St James’s Park. Nice. The mass event is cancelled and won’t run in April 2021 either. Next year’s race will be in October.

(Wednesday 5th August)

Sunday, 2 August 2020

A Trip To The Scales

Boris Johnson launches an anti-obesity drive the week before his 'Eat Out To Help Out' offer kicks into life. Advance planning does not seem to be this Government’s forte.

Fortunately Lockdown has treated my waistline well or at least I thought it had. L decides to weigh me and quickly trashes that theory. I’m now 12 stone and I’ve never been that heavy before. I can't honestly say it's Lockdown's fault as it's probably two years since I went anywhere near any scales. 

Lockdown has been good for my general health though as I’m certainly not getting coughs, sore throats, or headaches (apart from the occasional hangover) as much as I was. I reckon these things were down to exposure to bugs etc at work or on the bus.

I cycle to work on Friday, in what are hot and steamy conditions. I was well ready for my bacon roll when I arrived at work. Not that Boris or the scales would approve.

We wander up to Beeston on Saturday night and spend the evening in the newly reopened Crown. Then on Sunday L and I go for Sunday Lunch at the Nurseryman, which was the last place we ate in before Lockdown.

Daughter, meanwhile, heads to Manchester just as they put the city into a local Lockdown.

(Sunday 2nd August)