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Friday 28 February 2014

Baby Steps

I bike to work and also go for another lunchtime run. I guess you could call this stepping up the training. Baby steps.

My watch tells me I’ve ran 5.54k in 29:16. Which isn’t great.

I did stop for a calf stretch and to cross the road (which took ages) but even accounting for that I still couldn’t beat 5 minute per km pace, which is the minimum for a 1:45 half marathon. Which in itself wouldn’t be great. So yes, baby steps, not even toddler ones.

(Friday 28th February)

Thursday 27 February 2014

Red And Yellow Dots

Back to squash tonight after a two week break. My opponent quips that he’d be up for a game of curling if I can get a lane. I might be better at curling, perhaps the leisure centre could convert their courts. Given recent history, they probably will, so I best not give them ideas.

Tonight I have a new racquet to try which actually has strings with some spring in them. It also came with a ‘red dot’ ball which is a bit bigger than the usual ‘yellow dot’ ones which predictably my opponent doesn't like one bit. Not sure I do either. We revert.

This week the BBC is covering the World Track Championship from Cali in Columbia with some excellent late night live coverage. The only problem is staying awake to watch it or failing that avoiding the results the next day in order to watch it later.

The riders spend a lot of time battling against the wind which is odd for a velodrome. It’s a shame they didn’t get time to put any sides on it.

 (Thursday 27th February)

Wednesday 26 February 2014

A Massive 5k

Today I do go for that run at lunch time. It was hard, so very hard and all it was a massive 5k. I think. My watch battery is flat so I’ve no idea of actual distance. Probably for the best.

I meet my old friend from school tonight. There should have been three of us but we don’t know what happened to the other one. For some inexplicable reason we check out something called Jimmy’s World Grill and Bar. It seemed a good idea at the time... but it wasn’t.

Didn’t do my healthy training plan any good either.

On the way home I find out that the last CityLink bus is now 8:45. Consequently the rival Red Arrow is packed.

(Wednesday 26th February)

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Outlaw WAGS

Back on the bike today. That goes ok and I also consider a lunchtime run but decide to defer it until tomorrow... Just trying to manage my injuries and be sensible as regards the running, the problem is now that I’ve got a run this Sunday to train for.

It’s the Cheadle Spring 5 this weekend, the Dambuster Duathlon next weekend and then 14 weeks away... the Outlaw Half.

L puts in a request for the Outlaw Half, a new dress.  Apparently all the supporters' WAGS had lovely dresses on when we went to watch. Hmmm. We’ll have to find one that she can carry me across the finish line wearing, so it’ll have to be quite skimpy so that she can move quickly in it. So perhaps not a bad idea after all.

A day after the rest of us, MD is finally back in training as we go dogging.

(Tuesday 25th February)

Monday 24 February 2014

Back In Training

Back at work today to a lot of emails, an awful lot. Most of which I’m ignoring.

Meanwhile back in Sochi, according to the ‘boatcam’, our cruise ship is now back at sea. Heading for Barcelona apparently with all the other boats in a bit of a convoy.

L is quickly back in training in the pool, in the gym, in a pump class. Phew. I need to attempt 50 lengths myself tonight, it won’t be pretty.

... and it wasn’t.

(Monday 24th February)

Sunday 23 February 2014

Interesting Times Ahead

Another park session with the dogs and another gym session at the Tennis Centre. This is becoming a typical Sunday now. Although this will end next weekend as I’ve finally entered a race.

The Cheadle Spring 5 Miler will have the pleasure of my presence next Sunday as a sort of last minute panic warm up before the Dambuster Duathlon the week after.

Interesting times ahead... unless you're my calves. 

(Sunday 23rd February)