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Friday 31 January 2014

The Year of the Horse

Happy Year of the Horse. May all your gallops be injury free and fast ones.

Yes it’s Chinese New Year and we figure that we ought to celebrate it somehow, especially as we forgot to celebrate Burns Night last week.

As I’m in the car I pick up some prawn crackers for the dogs at lunchtime, when I also get a new kettle to replace the one that went bang this week. Then after work I slot in my weekly swim before heading home.

I cook Thai... because surely it must be Thai New Year as well? Nope. A quick google reveals that Thai New Year isn’t until April and you have to celebrate it with a water fight. That would freak Doggo out more than the fireworks for Chinese New Year do.

We open the wine and with Sochi coming up, we discuss our wills/possible demise. L is concerned that we will leave the kids penniless. I can’t see the problem myself, as they’re penniless now but they’ll do alright out of the life insurance. Daughter would inherit enough to see her through her Masters. We best not tell her that... not that she’d bump us off, she’d be more likely to try and fake our deaths. 

(Friday 31st January)

Thursday 30 January 2014

Acclimatisation For Sochi

We have some very brief snow flurries today, probably the first of the winter? In what has been a very poor winter so far. Hopefully we’ll find some snow in Sochi. It’ll be a very strange Winter Olympics if we don’t.

I’m on the bike today but we’re back to almost tropical e.g. it turns to rain, before I come to ride home. I should be well acclimatised for Sochi, with its palm trees, when we get there.

In fact we’re back to normal (very wet) before I head out for a pub lunch.

I’m never at my best at squash after cycling and I don’t win any games tonight. At the Navigation afterwards there’s no need for any candles this week, as they’ve fixed the electricity, sadly.

(Thursday 30th January)

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Not Wet At All...

Today I deliberately ignore the weather forecast and of course it’s nowhere near as wet as they predicted. In fact it’s not wet at all, so I cycle.

On the way home, it is as wet as they predicted which combined with some heavily worn brake pads makes for an exciting ride home.

(Wednesday 29th January)

Tuesday 28 January 2014

It’ll Be A Shame If Someone Blows It Up

L has the morning off and is in Derby visiting her folks. I’m in the car because there’s a match tonight, so I also do the shopping today instead of on Monday.

Sochi actually looks nice; it’ll be a shame if someone blows it all up.

Although there’s no sign of our cruise ship (our accommodation), it doesn’t seem to be there yet. Perhaps it’s still cruising somewhere.

Derby dominate against Yeovil for practically the whole game and clock up a staggering 36 shots on goal yet somehow conspire to find themselves 2-0 down at half time. They get one back at the start of the second half but despite continuing to dominate still trail 2-1 with three minutes left to go. Finally Yeovil crack under pressure and Derby ‘romp’ home 3-2. Should have won 7-0 though.

(Tuesday 28th January)

Monday 27 January 2014

Somewhere A Bit Iffy

Near perfect cycling conditions today and I'm on the bus. Ho hum. As ever it’s the BBC’s fault for an over pessimistic weather forecast, although it does hail for a short while in the afternoon, but I’m a wimp for ducking out. The traffic is terrible, so at least it’s a good decision to not drive.

I see they have put out terrorist warnings for Sochi. Well that’s what the BBC say, so it’s sensationalised obviously but not as much as it will be in the Daily Mail which my Mum will be reading this morning. She won't be happy. Well actually I’m not happy but I have always wanted to go somewhere a bit ‘iffy’ before I die... I would just like to do the dying bit much later.

Such as in 33 years time. My life expectancy is 79.48 years apparently, although I would not expect that to be on this set of knees.

L is a bit miffed at that, hers is 89 and she won’t let me go before her. Can’t see why not, she’d get a few years peace in dotage.

Committee meeting tonight. No blood spilt. 

(Monday 27th January)