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Friday, 31 July 2015

Nerve Settling Beers

I packed the car for our holiday this morning, although I had to keep removing Doggo from the boot. See he can get in unaided when he’s thinks we’re about to set off without him. He’ll have to bite his nails for a few hours yet because we’re not leaving until after work. 

I send L a list of last minute packing items as she will be picking me up from work. When she arrives home to collect the car she finds they have started the insulation work and the house is now adorned with insulation panels. 

We have a very successful drive up to a field near Lartington just outside Barnard Castle, where we are stopping over on our way north and to see if MD can win any more trophies at the agility event being held there.

We nip into the nearby Camra listed Red Lion at Cotherstone for a few nerve settling beers ahead of tomorrow's competition.

(Friday 31st July)

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Cote d'Azur

Tennis is on a mid-season break, not that it really got started and will resume on 13th August. Last week I had the dog show, this week a ride in the velodrome and next week our trip to Scotland.

I have my Level 3 Track Accreditation session at the Derby Velodrome today. L is coming over to watch, as is my father, so I am advised to go nice and slowly and to stay on the Cote d'Azur. Cote d'Azur, she’s been listening to too much Hugh Porter.

Of course I always try and go steady unless of course the coach is yelling at us to sprint like f*** round the track to jump on the tail of the group on the other side of the track, as he does tonight. Brilliant fun. I hope L wasn't watching that bit. Bring on level 4. 

Those sessions are Fridays at 5pm, which is good for me. Means a slight delay to Thai Friday but then they'll be plenty of aches to massage afterwards.

(Thursday 30th July)

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

An Excitable Puppy

Apparently there is an excitable puppy in L's office today. Ah, this is because her there's another Ashes test match on and her boss is a bit of a fan, as we are here too but we’ll all soon lose our enthusiasm if Australia rack up 300 before tea... but they don’t... England well on top. Surprisingly.

Wednesday dog training is on a summer break but as a special treat this week, in its place, we have a club session of wet tent erecting. We have eight large tents to dry them out from the weekend.

L offers to help as well so we join about a dozen other volunteers and get the tents up in about ninety minutes.

Then I throw L out of the car on the way back and tell her to find her own way home. I stress that I do stop the car first. It will be good run training session for her. Even if it is only from Bramcote.

(Wednesday 29th July)

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Future Fitness Direction

For the end of July, it actually pretty cold this morning on the bike. The hills help to warm me up though.

L is again feeling 'unfit’ but then she always say that. She looks pretty fit to me. She's also ‘not feeling very inspired at the moment’. Clearly she’s not been inspired to take up dogging by MD’s success. She says she needs a 'challenge'... Perhaps something like the Nottingham Half? Perhaps not.

While she goes to mull her future fitness direction over in the gym, I head home to entertain the boys and to reheat Sunday’s takeaway leftovers for our tea. I don’t like to see a good curry sauce go to waste and always use it as a base for another dish. This is, after all, what most Indian Restaurants do. They have a base sauce for every dish that is always ready made. 

(Tuesday 28th July)