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Monday 31 October 2016

The Man Says Yes

Day 22

L locks the builders out this morning, possibly deliberately although she says not. For once he turns up early and before we can rectify the problem but at least we know he’s been today.

I email the bathroom shop to moan about all the delays and ask them to paint the ceiling. I think they should considering what we’re paying them but I’m sure they won’t.

I get home to discover we have a new toilet and almost a new sink. Which is in but not connected and not fastened down yet. The man himself tells me it isn’t finished (obviously) but will be tomorrow and it will look great. All finished? Everything? By tomorrow evening? The man says yes... Ha ha.

Dogging tonight goes to a vote, a re-vote and a re-count or at least it appears to. Eventually it is decided there isn’t enough of us and it is cancelled again. 

(Monday 31st October)

Sunday 30 October 2016

Off The Pace

The clocks go back this morning so this gives us an extra hour in bed to mentally prepare ourselves or otherwise for today’s Sheffield 10k. This is a different Sheffield 10k to the Great Run organised one and is run by Run For All, they of the Jane Tomlinson Foundation, and it’s sponsored by Asda.

These folk also organised the Sheffield Half which I ran earlier this year and the course takes the same route out along Ecclesall Road but then instead of disappearing up a big hill into the Peak District it skirts around Endcliffe Park before return back along Ecclesall Road.

Despite the omission of the ‘Peak District’ this is still a seriously undulating route and a real challenge. Although the biggest challenge of all is keeping up with the 45 min pacer which shouldn’t really have been a problem for me considering my current form.

The pacer, however, sticks to his 4:30 per km pace with metronomic precision even on the kilometres that are completely uphill. This means that his initial group of around 30 runners is gradually reduced attritionally to, well, probably nothing. I'm guessing here as I hung on longer than most but couldn’t stay the distance either.

The inverse of this is that when the course starts heading downhill later on he is hamstrung by his 4:30 pace meaning most of us catch him and pass him. I finish in 44:55, so who needs dodgy pacers. Perhaps we should have paced him?

After I have finished, I notice there is no queue at the massage tent which is a rare thing indeed. I quickly go and get my rucksack back from the baggage area, which works seamlessly this time, then I sign up for a session on my calves. I must say that I get outstanding service from Sheffield Hallam’s physiotherapy department who supply a girl for each leg and it’s well worth the £2 charity donation I give them.

Just a word for the goodie bag which was excellent and weighed down with snackie things.

On the way home we detour via Kennelgate where we attempt to solve the ‘can’t see the dog ball in the dark problem’ without success. They don’t have either a flashing or glow in the dark dog ball. 

Then we head off to Leamington for meet Son and his gf for a meal in the White Horse. I like the Horse but their food menu veers annoyingly from arty to burgery without having much in between. The saving grace is always their Sunday lunches but we are told today that they have none left.

Son tells us he is handing in his notice at his job. That'll keep L busy. Now she will be busy job hunting for both Son and Daughter.

(Sunday 30th October)

Saturday 29 October 2016

In Some Style

L absconded to Rosliston Parkrun without me a few weeks ago but this week I finally get chance to tick that one off.

In some style as well. MD and I come in in 12th place. That’s not bad for an old git and his dog. MD is three seconds off his PB. That’s what a night of debauchery and Orkney Porter can do for you.

At the match Derby actually turn in a half decent performance and defeat Sheffield Wednesday 2-0. Apparently it's the McClaren effect but I think we'll hold off judgement on that for now.

Perhaps another night of debauchery will yield another 12th place tomorrow at the Sheffield 10k, although somehow I doubt it. 

(Saturday 29th October)