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Sunday 31 July 2016

Clouding Over

It's the last day of the show and MD perks up a bit with one clear, although we are unplaced, two lots of five faults and just the one elimination.

One of the fives actually got us 15th place in the Olympia qualifier on a course that looked fairly simply but only 6 of 170 dogs got round clear.

Then before we know it we are packing the show away for another year and then heading for home.

By now L’s eyes have clouded over with lust for the comfy bed that she will be returning to after three nights in the tent.

(Sunday 31st July)

Saturday 30 July 2016

Nearly A Roaring Success

After yesterday’s successes, today the wheels (or the paws) come off. We have six runs consisting of four individual runs, a pairs class and a team event. These yield three eliminations, two lots of five faults and only one clear which was in the team competition.

With the team, the first three dogs went clear but the last one didn't. So that was very nearly a roaring success.

My parents manage to catch the last of our runs and then we take them out for a meal. We decide not to go for another skewer-fest at the White Swan and instead we head into Barton under Needwood. We select the Three Horseshoes which once again we expect to be a Marston’s identikit foodie joint but it is as different as the Swan was. Their restaurant, the oddly named Bit ‘n’ Cherry, serves us up a quality meal.

After saying goodbye to my folks we head back to the show and take a couple of beers with us into the marquee where the club have assembled for a meal. Although they soon all seem to head off to their tents and caravans when we arrive. I knew I should have changed my shirt.

(Saturday 30th July)

Friday 29 July 2016

Still A Word?

The first day of three days competing at our own dog agility show and MD does incredibly well recording 6th and 9th in his two jumping classes together with a 10th in an agility one. It would have been a fourth clear round out of four runs had his handler been up to the task.

His handler, who may or may not have been struggling with a slight hangover, got him eliminated in his final run.

In the evening we visit the local pub in Walton on Trent. The White Swan appears to have had a complete overhaul and is no longer a Marston’s identikit foodie joint. The Pedigree is still on the bar but so are a couple of local beers too and the food menu has changed immeasurably. The menu now consists of some interesting oblong (is that still a word?) pizzas, the dreaded ‘posh’ burgers (of course) and some ‘stick’ dishes. These are massive vertical skewers that come in various flavours. This is what we order and they're not bad but we certainly didn’t need the soup starter. At least the dogs got supper.

(Friday 29th July)