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Sunday, 31 January 2016

A Bad Pint?

I have a touch of a hangover this morning or perhaps it was just a bad pint. L and MD go off for a run without me.

Other than that it’s a largely leisurely day with the Sunday papers etc. Even L has started reading the Sunday Times in an effort to keep up with the news. She’s not impressed though. 

(Sunday 31st January)

Saturday, 30 January 2016

A Reoccurring Problem

This morning L parkruns at Forest Rec and then gets the train over to the dog show.

I am there for 7am to finish last minute preparations and to get in position early to attempt to park all the cars tidily so we don’t the chaos that the organisers of last week’s show had.

Our show is exhausting but it is a resounding success. When I get home afterwards the internet is abuzz with generous comments.

It was high grade show that wasn’t aimed at MD but he did get one run and did ok. Only problem was that he had the first pole down again. That is becoming a reoccurring problem.

I’m pretty knackered but a few beers are called for so we head off to the Horse and Jockey.

(Saturday 30th January)

Friday, 29 January 2016

Equipment Twiddling

I’m on the bus for only a half day at work. I leave at lunch time before heading over to Newark to set up for our dog show tomorrow. L comes along to help bang in a few stakes and set up a few hurdles.

It takes us a couple of hours and then I hang around for another hour as the guy who is looking after the computerisation of the show twiddles his equipment.

When we finally leave for home it’s 8pm and the ‘big’ match has already kicked off. I have had to forgo the FA Cup 4th Round match between Derby and Manchester United. In a way that is good as I didn’t have to grapple with my conscience about the £35 ticket price.

After catching the first half on the radio we are home to watch the second on BBC 1. Derby lose 3-1.

(Friday 29th January)