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Wednesday 29 December 2010

Favourite Films Of 2010

The second part of my review of the year, my favourite films of the past year. Usually I do a top ten but this year I haven't got out to see enough films to make a top ten meaningful. So here are just five.

5. Killer Inside Me (June)

A fascinating but meandering film about a disturbed individual, that I needed a stiff drink to get over.

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4. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (April)

A grisly tale of murder, set amongst the cold Swedish winter, lightened somewhat by an upbeat ending. Not as good as the book obviously but a good effort and the best of the three films, which were all released this year.

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3. Four Lions (May)

Chris Morris tackles terrorism. An excellent film, entertaining, well written, thought provoking, very well performed and yes, funny.

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2. Sex n Drugs n Rock n Roll (February)

A biopic of the late Ian Dury. An excellent and playful film, just like its subject matter.

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1. Kick-Ass (April)

A very odd choice for me to pick... a superhero spoof movie. However, this one is funny, very knowing, it has a plot, a sharp script and even character development. It also has Nicolas Cage and of course 'Hit Girl'.

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  1. I didn't see any of your films from 5 - 2 last year, but I did see Kick Ass among others. It was also my favourite of the lot. So good. I kind of wish I had been a teenager when I saw it though...

  2. Oh I dunno. I think some of the humour is wasted on teenagers!