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Saturday 19 March 2022

Not Saving The Planet

This week I receive the traditional annual London Marathon rejection which comes as no great surprise and its probably good news given my knees. Which the Lad treats to a hard work out on our morning walk but then the Lad is hard on everything.

As I am now predominately working from home, L reluctantly goes off to her early gym classes. She says she finds it hard going for a class when I’m not zooming off to work. Well, I can always pretend I’m going to work if that helps.

Actually today, Tuesday, I am really going to work. I head in by bike with my laptop on my back. It’s not ideal carrying the laptop because I can’t really fit anything else into my bag and it’s heavy but I’m not sure there’s any alternative.

I can at least leave it at work as I’m back at work the following day. I am out in the evening so I go in to work on one of those rare Red Arrow things. Problem is then that I have to take my laptop with me on the night out, so that I can work from home the rest of the week, which also isn’t ideal.

I also go to the gym while I’m in work which is a good way to spoil your lunch hour.

By being at work I miss a parcel delivery and DPD leave me card saying they’ve dumped it at some shop 2.5 miles away in deepest Aspley. Not helpful. They say that by dumping it miles away they are saving the planet as they don’t have to attempt a redelivery. What they mean is that they are saving their own petrol and using mine instead as I now have to drive over there to collect it.

It's ‘dog ban minus two’ at Parkrun this week as we run at Alvaston again and my fellow dog runner suggests he might simply ignore the forthcoming ban but I'm not bothered enough to try that. 

(Saturday 19th March)

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