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Sunday 20 August 2023

Derny Session

On Monday, once again, L heads into work and then more or less turns around and comes home when her boss announces he’s not coming in. I put the kettle on in readiness. 

This week my cycling session at the velodrome involves a proper petrol powered Derny motorcycle to do Keirins and the like with. The format of these sessions had been getting very repetitive but this does liven things up. Afterwards my Dad and go end up in the Exeter.

Tuesday sees Daughter ride into work on L’s bike and seem to enjoy it.

They are working away at the gym, changing the entry system for when it becomes 24 hours next week. It looks like they are replacing the QR code readers which is good because they are a nightmare at the moment. For the time being you have to enter the gym through a little door to the right of the main doors. Which seems very secret society.

Once inside it was good to be trendy and film myself like all the others do as I send L a picture of me trying to do my Nordics on a machine that isn’t suited for Nordics but is probably the best they have.

Another home match on Tuesday evening and another defeat as Derby lose 2-1 to Oxford. Followed by a very dull pint of Atlantic in the Yard.

On Wednesday L goes out for a morning run and proclaims that she was four minutes quicker that the last time she did that route. Which is excellent but hang on... she always implies that she doesn’t keep a note of her times!

I have my Physio where he’s got me pulling 70kg on sledge. After which I almost nodded off in front of the football as England beat Australia 3-1 in the Women’s World Cup Semi Final. Work had kindly given us the time off to watch it.

In the evening I have another one to one with the Lad at dog training. He has a great time obviously but we don’t really make any progress.

On Thursday I finally have my dentist appointment. Everything is fine and I’ve booked to see the Hygienist at a cost of £60. Ouch. 

Then I’m out for lunch, meeting my ex-colleague at the Brunswick in Derby. I also grab a haircut on the way home. I thought it best to try and look my age.

Tennis, which we had only just restarted, is off due to a Junior Tournament being on which turns out to be fortunate for me as we get an unexpected quiet ‘Friday Night’ in. You have to take your opportunities when you can.

On Friday I take my Dad for a follow up appointment for his knee where they offer him physio. Just like me. Then as it’s Friday, it’s Gym Night.

On Saturday L parkruns at Alvaston then I take her and her Mum to visit her Dad in the Care Home. While they are there the Lad and I go for coffee and a bacon sandwich at the Alphabet café in Mickleover which is very nice. It looks like a really small café but it’s like a Tardis once you’re inside.

In the afternoon Derby win a match, 1-0 over the mighty Fleetwood.

We’re at Broadway for the third week in a row in the evening even though there isn’t much on as two of the screens are still showing Barbie and Oppenheimer.

We watch Serpico, a classic 1973 crime drama by Sidney Lumet and starring a very young Al Pacino as Frank Serpico. It is about Serpico's fight against the corruption within the New York City Police Department during his eleven years of service and his work as a whistleblower that eventually led to an investigation. It's probably the first time we're been to Broadway to see something so old that wasn't something festive e.g. 'It's A Wonderful Life' and it's an excellent choice.


Discussing the film in Brew Dog later, L who is doing an unconvincing job of enjoying her AF beer has her arm twisted into a half of the rather nice Rum and Raisin. Well, I though it was rather nice.

Sunday is the Women’s World Cup Final where England sadly lose to Spain. As I am watching the match, L goes to Colwick for her swim on her own. The Lad doesn’t get his walk but he seems happy watching the football. We’re at the gym later.

(Sunday 20th August)

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