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Sunday, 15 July 2018

World Cup Semi Final

I finally get to a Monday night dog training session up at Codnor and it goes well for the Lad, who has a blast. Less so for MD, who doesn’t seem that bothered, but it’s really good for the Lad up there, loads of space to run around in and for me to do some training with him. It will be good for him.

I then train at Hilton on Tuesday rather than Wednesday, as Wednesday is the England v Croatia World Cup Semi Final. I meet L in the Nags Head after training.

Come the day of the big game, L and Daughter claim not to be interested but then appear to sneak off to secretly watch it at the gym. Daughter then comes round for tea which I warn her might not be served until after the conclusion of penalties but it seems she’s up for the whole thing anyway. Sadly, it doesn’t come to penalties. England take the lead but Croatia hit back to take it to Extra Time, where they sneak the winner.

I bike on Tuesday and Wednesday but I don’t play tennis on Thursday, in a bid to be fighting fit for next weekend’s Thunder Run. Instead the Lad and I go stalk L who is on a night out in Derby at the Exeter where there is talk of Ice Cream Porter. Although I’m not sure if that is on the dessert menu or the drinks menu. Still we drown our respective sorrows having not got (as expected) London Landmarks places.

On Friday, I’m in London for work again and then Saturday it’s two days at Rugby’s Agility Show, which isn’t in Rugby. Saturday we’re running a ring and Sunday it’s the Crufts Team Qualifier.

It is unbearably hot both days. In fact it’s so hot the agility equipment starts melting. It’s too much for MD but the Lad has a great time.

On Sunday, the equipment problem delay the team runs so much that our run arrives about 5:30pm by which time some of our team members have thrown the towel in and gone home. Meaning our three teams are amalgamated down to two and the two that do run don’t pull up any trees.

Saturday is also England’s 3rd Place Play Off against Belgium which, sadly, they also lose. 

(Sunday 15th July)

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