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Thursday 9 April 2020

Isolation Is Getting Expensive

Sainsbury’s still doesn’t have any brown rice but at least I got some Arborio. That's risotto rice for the unposh. I also managed to get something called ‘chicken’, not seen any of that for ages. In some ways it’s a shame as I was quite getting into duck. So I buy some of that too. Isolation is getting so expensive.

Still no naan bread, tinned tomatoes, Leffe, marmalade or pitta. What is with people and pitta? I do get some eggs (wow) and Bonios!

On Wednesday I do a virtual cook with Daughter which seems to go well, at least she seems pleased. We do a virtual Massaman.

On Thursday I do a trip to Asda to shop for my parents. In complete contrast to Sainsbury’s which has a strict one person per shop policy and keeps the number inside the store very low, Asda is a free for all. They do make you queue up outside two metres apart but once they let you inside it’s like the mass start of an open water triathlon with everyone elbowing you out of the way to get to the tomatoes. With narrower isles than Sainsbury’s and whole families shopping together (i.e. little social distancing) Asda feels total unhealthy. I’m glad to escape as soon as I can.

As I leave the store a young couple are effectively blocking the exit by not leaving two metres either side of them. Thankfully as I reach them, they finally move on, the girl giving the lad a peck on the cheek before they part in different directions with a shout of 'see you soon'. So it didn't look like they were a household.

Exercise-wise, I have settled into a routine of running three times a week with the Lad usually something between 8k and 10k. We run mainly around Wollaton Park but with a road section first to add on a bit of distance and because the park is so busy.

There is definitely a lot of new runners around, I can tell this because most of them don’t acknowledge you. Usually most runners will give you a wave or a smile although I suppose they could just all be terrified of catching something. Personally I wear gloves while running on the park to open the gates as this is possibly the only means of infection there, that is assuming you keep two metres away from everyone while running.

(Thursday 9th April)

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