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Sunday 13 June 2021

Something Fishy

Everyone is coming together to ensure that L’s parents’ cat can get her fix of Age 11+ Fishy Cat Food of which there currently appears to be a nationwide shortage. So I am feeling incredibly guilty because I cleared Sainsbury’s shelves of the two remaining packs meaning that all other elderly felines in the area will not be getting their fishy fix tonight.

A Conservative MP gets in trouble after his 11-month old puppy ‘Pebble’ causes a stampede of 200 deer in Richmond Park. It’s funny but we know his pain.

The dreaded word ‘tennis’, as in playing it, gets mentioned but I’m in the clear because the Tennis Centre have tournaments on until at least the end of June. So it’s not going to happen for a while yet. Phew.

L and her author friend visit John Carroll Leisure Centre bearing chocolatey gifts with the centre slated for closure at the end of June. Meanwhile the protests to keep it open continue.

Daughter comes over to walk the dogs on Thursday and stays for tea, lured in by the offer of L’s legendary cottage pie. It's been ages since she's been to our place for obvious reasons.

While the car goes in for a Health Check and passes, unlike me.

Friday is our crack of dawn run, complete this week with a new best pace of 6:28 per km for 5k. Hardly earth shattering, as I was doing 4:00s not that long ago. While on Sunday we vary our route again having discovered a (not so) secret tunnel that leads from North Sherwood Street into the Arboretum. Again my watch reports a new best pace this time for 10k as we complete 13k in all.

England win their opening game of the Euros beating Croatia 1-0. I celebrate by cutting the grass at my parents and also in the Borlase later.

(Sunday 13th June)

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