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Sunday 6 June 2021

Afternoon Tea

Monday is a Bank Holiday which L and I celebrate with Afternoon Tea at Colwick Hall Hotel which was birthday present she received from her sister.

We go straight from that to the King's Meadow Vaccination Centre so that I can get my second dose of mind control serum (as L refers to it). This time I don’t seem to develop any aftereffects.

L is getting into the swing of the new ‘freedoms’ and on Tuesday goes out for a girls’ night out to a real live restaurant. I’m out as well, but sadly just with the dogs at dog training.

They really should be doing Indian, in honour of the new Indian Variant but they’re doing French. I'm sure there'll be one of those along soon.

With the Euros approaching, I draw North Macedonia in the Office Sweepstakes which means I have basically donated a £1 to someone else’s beer money.

As the weather is so nice I cycle into work on Wednesday and Thursday on my best bike but discover that thanks to my dodgy knee I have a problem dismounting on this bike when I get to work. The pedal clips are so much stiffer on it and therefore I had a knee related issue twisting out of them.

Taking of injuries, L develops a bad ankle from wearing real shoes to our Afternoon Tea on Monday. I can sympathise as I’ve still got blisters from putting on real shoes for my meeting last week. Thankfully everyone has brough their own working at home dress code into our office and there is no requirement at the moment to turn up smart every day at work.

On Thursday I have a Committee Meeting which is still online but then there is more than six of us. I’m not sure that there’s any need for these to go back to real meetings anyway at least not frequently.

The Friday run goes under seven minute km pace for the first time. My watch say 6:40. I’m not sure how that happened. L then goes for her second jab.

On Saturday we go to Derby Theatre to see a Derby Book Festival event which features Jon Sopel, the BBC America correspondent talking about his book ‘UnPresidented: Politics, Pandemics and the Race That Trumped All Others’. It’s all about Donald Trump and it's a fascinating evening.  

The Sunday run is pushed out to 12k and then I hobble off to watch some tennis at the Nottingham Open. Andy Murray had announced he was going to be there but, like me, his injuries had other ideas. The weather also has other ideas and most of the day is rained off.

I abort, go to visit my parents and then go again later when I do finally catch some tennis.

 (Sunday 6th June)

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