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Sunday 18 July 2021

Un-environmentally Friendly

My fitness week starts with the Monday run with the Lad and continues with two days cycling, Wednesday and Thursday. In between is a night on the beer on Tuesday.

L goes over to Dad sit, listen to 70s music and cut the lawn, so I get a lift into work and manage to avoid Mango App embarrassment.

On Wednesday there is also dog training after seperating the Lad from the packaging off the ‘posh ham’ I got L for making her lunches, which he was up the garden with. I assume he helped himself to that.

On Friday L goes over to visit Son in Leamington but the trains don't seem to go directly from Derby anymore and they’ve doubled the price. So she takes the car. We’ve a long way to go to make this country environmentally friendly haven’t we.

Talking of which. I am sent sixty rosettes for our dog show from our governing body, as un-environmentally friendly as ever, when I only needed about a dozen as I have so many from last time that I could reuse.

L hands the car back to me with the tyre pressure warning binging away. I ignore it assuming that an actual flat tyre would probably trigger sirens and all sorts.

For the second week in a row we are up at the dog show in Bilsthorpe. The Lad is a little calmer, but only a little, he keeps all the poles up in the Steeplechase but bizarrely he missed two tunnel entries. So that’s ten faults but it’s our first that isn’t an elimination. Then he head butts me in the groin which isn’t pleasant.

Somehow I still manage the Sunday long run although it is only 11.5km this week. Then I visit my folks and take my Dad for an outdoor pint at the White Hart in Aston in their marquee.

Later we try to go for Sunday lunch at the Hand & Heart but they seem to have closed again, so once more we end up at Pierre's but this time they are out of Sunday Lunches. Daughter meets us afterwards in the 6 Barrel Drafthouse.

(Sunday 18th July)

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