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Sunday 25 July 2021

'Freedom' Day

From today, Monday, the Government has removed all Covid restrictions. Although this is a month later than they intended. Apparently it is now up to us to take ‘personal responsibility’. The problem is, of course, that our safety relies not just on ourselves but the actions of everyone around us and when you’ve got England football fans sticking flares up their backsides... it probably won’t end well.

Everyone was behaving just the same in Sainsbury's with 90%+ wearing masks as usual which suits me, I like to covertly mouth obscenities at people who get in my way. They have taken most of their screens down and had made both doors in\out again. Personally I thought having one for in and one for out was an improvement they should have kept and a few days later they revert back to this system.

While lots of pubs make a big thing of 'looking forward to serving you at the bar' before back tracking when everyone says how much they like the table service.

I cycle on Tuesday and Wednesday, it’s not too painful despite my dog induced injury. The weather is still warm even without it being as sunny.

Problems with the Mango App continue with everyone being told to update the App without anyone knowing how you do this. Their post on FB about it now has dozens of negative comments under it.

After taking my parents’ shopping round I see that my Mum has got a very swollen leg. I ring her GP about it and they send someone straight round to see her. I’m impressed.

On Saturday L marshals at Wollaton Parkrun on the legendary golf course corner. I’m over in Oakham for the Lad’s debut in proper Kennel Club classes. As we drive through Melton we see a few dogs heading for their local parkrun.

His debut ends with four out of four Eliminations. So... very much a work in progress.

(Sunday 25th July)

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