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Sunday 24 July 2022

Sounds Like A Pleasant Afternoon Out

This week they promise us two days of temperatures in the high 30s Celsius. Pretty much everyone waits it out by staying at home and indoors. The Lad finds it a bit tough but we do manage to pop and do a few weaves from time to time. Tuesday’s dog training is cancelled. 

L is the rebel in the office and even goes to the gym. Although she avoids the pool which she expects to be like Ibiza. Then the building she works in closes, which she isn’t happy about, and send everyone home at the hottest time of the day.

Despite the heat I head over to Derby on Wednesday evening for a not-so-wild night out with my friend from school and by Thursday it’s even cool enough to play Tennis.

Then on Friday it chucks it down as I cycle in to work as the light drizzle they forecast becomes rather heavy.

On Saturday we ponder going to our local music festival Splendour, which is on for two days this year, but don’t as there’s only two acts I want to see and no one L wants to see. We did go four years out of five up to 2015 before we then did three years at Thunder Run instead. Now it just seems a lot more expensive than it used to be and presumably the beer tent still sells out as soon as you arrive.

Wollaton Parkrun is cancelled because of Splendour, so we run at Beeston instead which was always a nightmare with a dog because it’s so narrow but it isn’t too bad without one.

In the afternoon Derby have a friendly against Leicester and although I hate friendlies I offer to take my Dad, who is thrilled. L says it ‘sounds like a pleasant afternoon out’ but she doesn't mean that.

On Sunday we are at another dog show this time in Rutland. We open with an E but a not too horrific one. Then he gets around a course with just 10 faults which was due to him not even considering his contacts but the rest of it was good. Which was promising for our next run but it’s the hope that kills you as he reverts to being a nutter again.

In the evening we walk to the Good Fellow George for the drink I badly need.

(Sunday 24th July)

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