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Sunday 10 July 2022

The Long Winding Saga

The long winding saga of the future of Derby County is finally resolved as they are taken over by local businessman David Clowes and at the same time Wayne Rooney departs. Rooney goes back to America which is a very strange career move and probably has a lot to do with him being heavily involved in the failed takeover attempt by American Chris Kirchner. Kirchner now looks like ending up in jail and has run off with about £2M borrowed from Rooney’s agent. Nothing is ever simple at Derby. 

L runs with Daughter after work, running from her place to ours from where they want to link up with the Lad and do a few km with him. Estimated ETA 6:15 aka tea time + 15 e.g. tea time needs to be delayed. He’s not going to like that.

On Tuesday morning my Dad, my Brother and I meet at the funeral directors to discuss my Mum’s funeral. I thought that this would take an hour at most but that’s my Brother and Father for you. The debate started at the funeral directors and continued for a few hours afterwards at my Dad’s place. We do at least have a provisional date - Tuesday 26th July.

Which will hopefully be ok as we are still waiting for the outcome of the Inquest which has been called because she died of something the hospital gave her.

Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak quit the Government. About time you might say. Most sane people would have quit a couple of years ago. Then again, most sane people did quit a couple of years ago.

The Prime Minister still doesn’t take the hint and it takes another two days until he quits himself.

Derby County Season tickets finally on sale on Wednesday with the start of the season just over two weeks away. By the end of the week they’ve already sold 15,000.

I bike to work then spend the morning pondering whether I can crawl as far as the gym at lunchtime and if I do whether I’d then be capable of cycling home.

L is also in work, so the Lad in on his own. From what I can see on the CCTV he is trying to looked pissed off but it’s coming over as chilled.

Daughter is going to a friend’s gym in Netherfield where she is worried everyone will be ‘hench’. Which is a new word on me. I’ll have to watch out for that one on Wordle.

L says I’m hench which makes me wonder why Daughter is worried about a gym full of old people with no knees.  

There’s no tennis this week as all the outdoor courts are closed. If they have a tournament on they’re keeping quiet about it.

On Saturday L Parkruns at Forest Rec while I’m at a Dog Show at Catton Hall.

My Dad comes along to watch the carnage. Run one is indeed hopeless. Run two is much better and in fact obstacles 1 to 11 are flawless. It was just such a shame about number 12. Run three... let’s talk about Run four instead which wasn’t bad with 15 faults.

We adjourn to the nearby Swan, to have a beer obviously and a late lunch. In the evening L and I walk with the Lad to Beeston and spend the evening in the Pottle of Blues.

On Sunday, the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay comes to Nottingham Castle and we go along to watch. It’s a nice idea but they couldn’t have made it any more low key if they’d tried. The runners appear to arrive in a bus they park out of sight around the corner, then they jog through the castle before sneaking out some back way where nobody could see where they’ve gone before getting back on the bus. It was alright but the Olympics it certainly wasn’t. 

(Sunday 10th July)

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