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Friday 1 January 2021

All Is Quiet

I am back at work on Tuesday, but at home obviously, and feeling a little festive as a bit of snow falls.

As usual most of Derby’s daytime TV matches over Christmas and New Year get moved to evenings, totally trashing the point of games over the festive period. It’s not quite as annoying as when you can actually go to the matches but it’s still annoying. Particularly so because for some reason I have been locked out of my Now TV account and this is the only way I can watch tonight’s game. They tell me it will take 48 hours to fix, so no game to watch then.

With ‘The Plot Against America’ being so dull I intersperse the series with ‘Industry’ which has far more drugs, sex and alcohol as well as its fair share of odious people. They're just not as odious as in ‘The Plot Against America’.

As the vaccine roll out starts L works out that, according to the online calculator, she'll get her Covid Jab around about May/June. So she’ll be able to go to the pub again around about September. Just not with me as I’m further down the queue,

On Wednesday she gets in a final swim, and apparently it’s lovely in the outside pool, before as expected Nottingham enters Tier 4 on Thursday. Which also signals the end of Dog Training. 

I had been delaying doing the training schedule for our sessions that were due to start on 5th January because I was so sure we’d get locked down again and didn’t want to waste all that effort. It’s not nice to be proved right though.

I’m back on holiday on Thursday which is New Years Eve and of course the chance to catch with up old friends. Which in our case is Jools Holland as we spent the New Year pretty much as usual with Hootenanny..

Friday is New Year’s Day and as Bono once said ‘all is quiet on New Year’s Day’. As it is everywhere.

(Friday 1st January)

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