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Sunday 17 January 2021

Government Mandated Walks

Heading to Sainsbury’s on Monday, the roads and the supermarket itself are both much quieter today. Perhaps the message about the current grim Covid situation is finally getting through to the public. We were told that the winter would be bad but nobody listened, least of all the Government. 

However our local Primary school seems almost as busy as normal. There seems to be far more key workers this time around.

Wollaton Park seems a lot quieter than it was. Perhaps it’s because the Police have been told to clamp down or perhaps it's the thought that if you don’t comply with the current ‘rules’ the Government will simply make them even more complicated. At the moment it appears that you can go for a walk with someone for the exercise but not for a social. So just make sure you only walk with people you don’t want to talk to.

L has been going out early every morning for her Government mandated walk. The boys and I are invited but it's a bit early for us and we also feel we'd be intruding on her 'me' time aka us-free time as well as preventing her listening to her audiobooks. To be fair she did try to take the Lad with her but the subsequent commotion woke the entire neighbourhood.

Derby Arena is now Derby’s main vaccine point but neither my parents nor L’s have heard anything about getting vaccinated yet. Hopefully they will all hear something soon.

We start watching The Serpent on L’s boss’s recommendation, which mean she feels almost compelled to watch it despite her dislike of TV series.

Later in the week we get a few flurries of snow but nothing to get excited about.

(Sunday 17th January)

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