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Sunday 18 April 2021

No Running

From Monday pubs (outdoors) and shops (indoors) are open. L’s Mum is straight there, to the shops that is.

L goes for an evening swim with Daughter. You can do things like that now, just not dog training. Meanwhile I have another antibody blood test at the QMC.

On Tuesday we do our evening walk with the dogs to The Crown in Beeston and have a couple of outdoor pints where a drunk is being thrown out as we arrive. We don’t even have to order a scotch egg.

The second-hand Technics tape deck from 1993 that I ordered on Ebay arrives and I hook it up to my Sonos wireless system. It works like a dream and amazingly most of the tapes I have fetched down from the loft all seem fine and play great.

On Thursday I have a telephone appointment with a physio, who sends me a very familiar looking exercise sheet and prescribes no running or cycling for 6 weeks... L says I need a swim but the physio didn’t say that I was allowed to swim.

Although actual running isn’t allowed the physio didn’t rule out run\walk, jeffing, jogging, shuffling or whatever my current marathon training can be described as. So on Friday I do another early morning non-run with L. It must have gone better because this time I am not late for work and seem to have loads of time on my hands. This must be the power of the exercise sheet, which I am following.

Saturday is the Nottingham CheckPoint Challenge in which you have to navigate your way between Wollaton Park, Forest Rec and the University. This is apparently a distance of around 15km but due to our superior local knowledge we manage to trim it down to 12.7km. Due to our excellent route choices I am 11th and L is 12th out of the 43 who did the whole thing or perhaps it was our speed? But don’t tell the physio.

We 'run' for five minutes and then walk for one minute so, physio please note, not actual proper running.

On the same day my brother and his dog start training with my Agility Club.

On Sunday I cut the lawn at my parents, even though most of it had already been done, purely to give the boys a run around. Then afterwards I take my Dad to the Harrington for an outdoor pint. Later L and I walk to the Borlase for a few more.

(Sunday 18th April)

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