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Sunday 4 April 2021

An Unsubstantiated Rumour

The Lad starts the week by oversleeping by over an hour. The clocks change has clearly upset him.

The next step on the roadmap out of Covid-19 happens and amazingly allowing two households to meet outdoors coincides with better weather. Wollaton Park is packed for our evening walk and the golfers are back out playing.

However we have to cancel dog training again after no confirmation is received about indoor arenas. It’s looking likely that we can’t open before 17th May.

Meanwhile the Arboretum was so packed on Monday it made the East Midlands TV news. After that the council shut both the Arboretum and Lenton Park completely, which was likely to make other places busier. Sure enough everyone went to Forest Rec instead which looked like a scene from Glastonbury. At which point it all made the National news.

On Wednesday the BBC National News were broadcasting live from Forest Rec which turned out to be embarrassingly quiet for them. They’ve probably all moved to Wollaton Park now. I just hope they don't disrupt our ball session.

Wednesday is also when I go for an X-Ray on my dodgy knee at QMC.

L says her latest book delivery should fit through the letter box because it is only one book. It doesn’t and looks suspiciously like two books to me. Then another parcel arrives which isn’t a book or it could be one disguised as running trousers.

Friday is Good Friday and I cycle to Aston to watch the match, which Derby manage to win for a change 2-0. On Saturday I run\walk with L and then on Sunday do the same on my own. There’s an unsubstantiated rumour going round that I might be getting a bit fitter.

(Sunday 4th April)

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