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Sunday 25 April 2021

Lots Of Sunbathing

The schools are back, so our morning’s walks suddenly got a lot busier. It’s all too much for MD who spends the rest of the morning asleep, outside sunbathing.

Boris Johnson cancels his trip to India. Which is a good job really, given that foreign travel is banned. As usual he was saying he wasn’t going to change his mind until when, at the last minute, he did.

On Tuesday I have to prove my age to accept a parcel for L. Which turns out to be my birthday present from Son, although the Amazon Prime logo had already given that away.

L gives permission for her author friend to mention MD in her newsletter. So I promptly sign up to her fan page and I am now eagerly awaiting delivery of the newsletter.

She’s allegedly a big fan of his since he rubbed his nose up her shins when she was minding him while L was in the coffee shop. She mistook this attempt to get his haltie off his nose as a loving gesture. She’s promised to not mention him by name obviously because we don't want floods of fans at the door.

On Friday we do our 6:30am 5k run again which goes ok. Later, sadly the weather is nice again so, the evening ball session on the park is ruined by several deer sunbathing on the first field and dozens of semi-naked students doing the same on the second field. 

(Sunday 25th April)

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