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Sunday 30 May 2021

A Real Meeting

This week running legend Ron Hill dies at the age of 82. Sadly his running every day for 52 years couldn't push his longevity out beyond the average life span.

On Tuesday I meet up with my friend from school for a few drinks in the Alexandra in Derby. Drinks is all it turns out to be because nowhere is doing food.

I bike into work on Wednesday when we also have a real in-person meeting with some clients e.g. not on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. I even get lunch.

As I head home I look out for the tell-tale sign of a dog tied to a lamp post down the street that would indicate that someone had attempted to disrupt L’s weights workout in the garden. It appears the workout went well and I take them both to dog training.

I’ve been doing my parents’ food shopping for over a year now but L gets the experience of doing her folks’ shop this week and is asked to get something called pre-cooked sausages. Who knew that was a thing?

On Friday we are back on the early morning 5k run after a brief hiatus last week. I then hobble into work on the bus which I was a bit late for and I only caught it because there was such a big queue for it as everyone struggled with the evil Mango App.

I get ‘dragged’ to the pub after work for swift one. It’s only the Merlin on Pride Park, so not exactly a high class establishment and the beer was only Speckled Hen but it could have been worse. It was also a bit difficult having eleven of us split across two tables and you're not allowed to shout across but sign language is allowed.

On Saturday I head down to Shardlow where our Beginners Agility group have been exiled since March last year, that is when we’ve been able to run the group at all. The bad news for them is we’re still not allowed to bring them back to Hilton and probably won’t be for quite a while yet.

On Sunday I add a minute to my 11k, which isn’t really how it’s supposed to work.

(Sunday 30th May)

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