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Sunday 1 August 2021


On Monday I am due at our office down south for some training with an 8:30am start e.g. I get up at 4am! That makes L’s early morning workout class look civilised.

I have no idea how I would get a train at that time so I have to drive down. Thankfully the Olympics are in full flow and the time difference to Tokyo means there’s plenty to keep me entertained and awake including three gold medals.

The training is held off site at some countryside complex they have hired and we get a conference room with a view and a nice lunch provided.

I stay overnight so that I can go into our office down there on Tuesday. When I arrive at the hotel I end up in the bar being plied with free drinks because my room isn't ready. They aren’t doing food in the hotel either so although I find a nice pub to spend the evening in they also aren’t doing food. So I take a pizza back to the room and settle down to watch the Women’s Tri live from Tokyo which is due at 10:30 but is delayed because of the bad weather. At least they don’t nearly get wiped out by a boat like the men did.

Back up in Derby for Wednesday I cycle in to work along with a colleague who is now living in Nottingham. He drives to our place and then rides in with me with is four miles longer than his previous ten mile commute when he was in Derby.

He has a very nice VW camper that he parks on our drive and everyone is asking if we like our new camper van. I wish and it is on the ‘to do’ list. We obviously look like camper van people.

The empty house next door to us is now being worked on and cleared out. Hopefully they’ll sort the garden out as well which is again growing up our fence.

L stays at home to protect the boys from the upcoming thunderstorm which the BBC Weather App keeps rescheduling for later and later in the day. Clearly they are waiting for me to get on my bike but then the App says it’s passed over just north of Nottingham which disappoints L who was so looking forward to it.

On Thursday and Friday I am off work and at Locko Park setting up our club’s dog show which is smaller this year and running over two days rather than three. It’s not small enough not to need a marquee though but ours due at 10am on Thursday still hasn’t arrived when I go home at 6pm.

It has thankfully arrived by Friday and is actually better than one’s we’ve had before. The rest of the setting up is done in the rain the weekend remains dry for the actual event.

On Saturday L completes her 31 day running challenge and demands sponsorship money from me.

The lad has an ok weekend competing although with lots of eliminations apart from one class on Sunday when we gets a brilliant 7th place rosette even with five faults. We celebrate with Sunday Lunch at the Nurseryman with Daughter but without him.

(Sunday 1st August)

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