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Sunday 16 January 2022

Capricious Collie

On Monday I take a trip into work which doesn’t go well as the main purposes of my trip - to nick a monitor for home working and to bring home my beer don’t look likely to happen as neither are at work.

Luckily a few hours later things improve when my beer arrived. Only a week after I got the email saying it had been delivered. Hopefully a monitor will materialise next.

I did try to set up our old TV as an additional monitor at home, which worked well for a few days until it packed up completely.

The world’s most famous anti-vaxxer aka Novak Djokovic turns up for the Australian Tennis Open unvaccinated and to everyone amusement they lock him up in a detention centre.

On Tuesday I am back to working from home. After ‘work’ I go for a 16k to Stapleford and back. I even take an audiobook to keep me company. Slow Horses by Mick Herron. I pop the run on my running spreadsheet. As for the book... I don’t have a reading spreadsheet. Not that they’d be much on it if I did.

On Wednesday I have an online meeting with my new boss who is based in Huddersfield. He tells me that I could work from home as much as I wanted to. Yippee. He says he’s only been into the office, which granted is a long way south in Loughborough, once since he joined the company eight months ago.

By Friday the weather has turned really cold again and our morning walk is treacherous underfoot for those attached to a capricious collie.

On Saturday it’s Parkrun at Wollaton and then later Derby beat Sheffield United but with no progress on the takeover front several players are let go which will make picking up future wins more difficult.

I run again on Sunday extending my Stapleford route slightly to 18k.

(Sunday 16th January)

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