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Saturday 1 January 2022

New Year

We are back at my parents’ again on Monday as the traditional Boxing Day football match arrives, as now appears to be the tradition, a day late. At least the game is on after the last one was covid-ed off.

For the first time we are asked to show Covid passports which necessitates the club providing extra staff, which they can barely afford, to check them. Not that they were really reading them, you could probably have flashed your library card and got in.

Anyhow Derby beat West Brom and my Dad enjoys his post-match pint as much as usual, if not more. Overall he’s having a really good Christmas.

On Tuesday I get out on a run and do 9k but on Wednesday I’m back at work, well WFH, and L has my cold/flu/dog allergy but is also testing negative on LFT.

This means that she is free to be coerced into going into Nottingham for New Year’s Eve where we have a few drinks around Canning Circus in the Good Fellow George and the Organ Grinder before I drag her down to the Market Square to see what’s happening there. No one is clear whether the council has banned New Year and cancelled the fireworks in the Market Square due to Covid or because they’ve got no money or just because that's the sort of thing councils do but plenty of people turn up to find out anyway.

There are still fireworks but no one seems to know where they came from or who was responsible for them.

On Saturday I do the New Year's Day Parkrun at Wollaton Park but L doesn't as she is once again struggling with an injury. Then the next day I put in a 14k run around my nice and boring old faithful of a route out to Stapleford.

(Saturday 1st January)

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