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Monday 6 June 2022

A Subdued Boy

On Saturday L and Daughter parkrun at Gedling with the Lad and I on vocal support but with one less voice raised in support obviously. In the evening we had planned a long delayed meal out at the Corinthian but we cancel it. Opting to stay in with the Lad with a curry, plenty of beer and the Queen's Jubilee concert. Which isn’t as bad as you’d expect, tacky at times but still quite good. 

On Sunday we take the Lad for a walk on the park and end up in the park cafĂ© where he is totally cool with all the dogs that are in there. MD was always on edge in situations like that and the Lad always seemed to want to have his back but now he doesn’t have to. He can be himself although he’s quite a subdued boy at the moment. The dog he always pretended not to notice is now not there and he’s really noticed that. We console him with a Puppachino.

On Sunday evening my Mum has a fall and dislocates her hip. The wait for a ‘non-emergency’ ambulance is six hours. My brother goes round to help and eventually gets one to come for her in only three hours.

They plan to rush her into surgery on Monday afternoon but then cancel it, so I take my Dad to visit her in hospital. She’s not very coherent as you might expect at her age, with dementia and a broken hip, so they ask me to go with her while they gave her a head scan in case she’s banged it. That didn’t go down very well with her, what with being lifted on and off a trolley with a broken hip.

The first few day walking the Lad post-MD are strange with him seemingly eager to head home from his walk with L to see if MD and I are walking up to meet them. Only to be met by just me. The sad little boy lays morosely in his bed for a while after that.

When I go to Sainsbury’s, I close the gate wondering if he might jump it but he just stays in his bed.

On his next walk he takes his frustrations out on a cat that was perched on the fence by the golf course. I hadn’t seen it but the Lad jumped up and pushed if off the fence with his front paws. The cat fell on to the golf course and looked a bit stunned at what has just happened.

(Monday 6th June)

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