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Sunday 26 June 2022

Guardians Of Lime Tree Avenue

L and the Lad get rammed by one of the deer on Wollaton Park. Part of some vigilante group known as ‘The Guardians of Lime Tree Avenue’, or something like that, that she says she was warned about the other week. Battered and bruised she spends the week WFH. The Lad is fine but I think he hid behind L. 

Tuesday is tennis and then Wednesday is our Civil Partnership with Daughter and Son as witnesses but sadly Covid strikes and Son can’t make it. My Dad is a very willing stand in and has a great morning out in Nottingham especially as we bring him into the city centre on the tram all the way from Toton. Which is a first for me as well as for him.

Then I have a Committee Meeting in Shardlow on Thursday as we complete preparations for our Summer Show.

I visit my Mum in hospital every other day with my Dad insisting on the calming influence of a pint in a pub afterwards. On the Friday L comes over to do some cleaning for my Dad and meets us in his local White Hart afterwards with the Lad of course.

Sadly my Mum’s Covid has now progressed to pneumonia. She isn’t responding to the antibiotics and as my Mum is so weak they have started end of life care.

On Saturday L and Daughter parkrun at Colwick where they also eye up the post-parkrun open water swimming. They decide to return the next day for the Sunday morning swim. The Lad and I again support.

On Saturday evening we go for a curry with some friends of mine who we haven’t seen properly since before the pandemic apart from me doorstepping them one evening and last month’s Feeder gig. We meet in the new, but now dwindling in favour with us because it is too noisy, Whistle and Flute. Then we go to Mem Saab where we meet up with Daughter, whose birthday it is today. Afterwards we discover that both the Royal Children and the Ned Ludd no longer have any real ale which is disappointing.

After Sunday’s visit to the hospital the four of us, my Dad, L, the Lad and me go for Roast beef cobs in Exeter. Where we also get an offer to swap the Lad for two rabbits. It’s considered but declined.

(Sunday 26th June)

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