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Sunday 12 June 2022

Simply No Staying Power

I am out for a few drinks in Derby with my pal from school on Tuesday and then on Wednesday I am in work to take the car in for its annual Car service. They promise me it will be done by lunchtime and for once they are actually right. Which catches me out a bit because I was in the gym at the time. 

In the evening it’s dog training and the first one I’ve been to for a very long time with only one dog in the car. It is also not one of the Lad’s better nights but then he’s had a traumatic week.

On Thursday we all go to collect MD from the crematorium. Along with his ashes they provide a paw print in plaster and a rather nice lock of his fur.

In between all this I visit my Mum in hospital when I can. She is still very confused by everything but her operation, which was cancelled twice, finally went ahead on Wednesday. Meanwhile the woman in the next bed is trying to escape and has to have a nurse permanently guarding her. I just hope they don’t try to gang up.

On Thursday, after our visit, I take my Dad to the Nags Head in Mickleover. It’s nice to occasionally live life on the edge and experience a bit of rough plus it has a handy car park.

L has a massive falling out with Dyson, her other man. She complains that despite having him on charge for the whole of the afternoon, he dies on her after only ten minutes in the bedroom. Simply no staying power.

I promise to get her a new toy to play with but she does seem to fall out with all of them. Well apart from the Miele, she remained on good terms with that one until Son blew it up hoovering up a bath leak. She does also get on well with my Dad's vacuum. That one has a cable, so she says she can be spontaneous with him, just plug and play without having to charge him up all afternoon.

On Saturday L Parkuns at Alvaston and again the Lad and I support. It must have been very frustrating for him because Alvaston has been the scene of all our best times.

On Saturday we go to a BBQ held at my nomadic friend's house after their latest house move takes them to Scalford near Melton Mowbray. They had invited the dogs which wasn’t a goer while MD was ill but now we can take the Lad. Who has a wild time intimidating another friend’s dog.

It’s not a heavy night of drinking, we have to drive anyway, because on Sunday the Lad and I are running 10k at the Grimsthorpe Gallop. Whether this is good training or not for next week’s Ramathon I’m not sure but it seems to be the only training I'm doing.

It’s a chaotic start with an all dog field but this could have been much worse as there's only 20 of us. L gets to start later in the saner human field. The dogs are doing one of three distances. Four do 10 miles, nine do 5k and seven do 10k. 

The route is mostly off road with lots of grit paths which aren't really my forte. There's even a river crossing which we avoid and take the bridge but the photographer gets a really good photo of us that ends up on the results email. Pace wise the Lad keeps me at a 'reasonable' nine minute mile pace and stops me slacking.We finish 4th in our category which obviously sounds good but is very mid table when there's only seven of you..

(Sunday 12th June)

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