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Sunday 21 August 2022

Avoiding Us

On Thursday I cycle into the office, get rained on but more positively I’m still alive and breathing afterwards. Unfortunately had I arrive in a less positive state no one would have noticed as I’m the only one in until my old boss arrives about an hour later. That is as busy was work gets all day. 

I meet my ex\now retired colleague in the Brunswick for lunch which was the main reason I went in.

There is no tennis on Thursday as they are closed for another tournament. Then o Saturday we both parkrun at Wollaton while in the evening we have a meal out at the Cornithian which has been long delayed for various reasons.

On the way there we have a couple of drinks in what was ‘The Good, The Bad and The Drunk’ on Derby Road but was, we were reliably informed, going to be renamed ‘The Park Tunnel Inn’ after the tunnel to the Park Estate opposite it. When we get there it appears it has instead been called ‘Mist Rolling Inn’. We have no idea why. It’s a Mist-ery.

On Sunday I go out with the plan to run 5 or 6 miles with the Lad as I built up to next month’s Robin Hood Half Marathon which could possibly be my swansong. L goes out at the same time but running in the opposite direction, clearly avoiding us and who can blame her. We pass her going round Wollaton Park lake again in the opposite direction, again who can blame her. 

Then almost immediately after that my knee goes about 4 miles in and it’s really bad. So bad in fact that we have to crawl back, one bench at a time. Not that the Lad is completely on board with the plan. 

L naturally assumes I've had a heart attack when I'm so late back. I am however well enough later to go to my Dad’s and end up in the New Inn again.

(Sunday 21st August)

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