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Sunday 28 August 2022

Swansong Deferred

The deer continue to disrupt our morning walks typically by blockading our usual way into the park at Harrow Road which forces us to do our usual walk backwards, going up to enter by the main gate into Wollaton Park and then leaving via Sutton Passeys which is at least a longer walk for the Lad. 

There is a match on Tuesday as well as on Saturday and then the same the following week. So Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday then it’s our holiday.

It’s West Brom first in the League Cup 2nd Round and Derby win. We celebrate afters in a very quiet Yard as that side of the ground is closed due to the small gate you get for cup games these days. They also beat Peterborough in the league on Saturday.

Milk and More change our milk delivery days and on day one of the new routine we get no milk at all and they send me a refund. So perhaps we actually have no milkman at all now but thankfully Thursday’s milk does turn up.

The Lad gets his very own squirrel although it’s a stuffed one. He adds it to his growing gang of stuffed wildlife.

This week the Government tried to start another culture war and went on about cyclists breaking speed limits, so I had a go today because practically no normal cyclist is capable of breaking the speed limits.

When I cycled to work, and I don't hang about, I managed to hit 22.2mph at one point while my PB this year is 29mph down the big hill in Stapleford. I must try harder or find somewhere with a 20mph limit that also has a large gradient.

L doesn’t think I take any notice of what she says but while at work I go to the gym and used the leg press in the free weights.

On Thursday I give tennis a go despite my knee. My thinking being that if tennis goes ok then parkrun might be worth a go on Saturday. Big mistake. It just makes my knee a lot worse.

So on Saturday L Parkruns at Clifton while I watch because I can now barely walk let along run. It seems that my swansong half marathon will have to be delayed and can be, as I can defer my Robin Hood entry until next year. 

(Sunday 28th August)

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