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Wednesday 3 August 2022

Weight Training

The morning walk with the Lad has become a serious game of deer dodging and not a lot of fun. At least Wordle is getting better and Monday brings my first ever Wordle in two. I knew my first word choice would be useful one day. 

We are off to the Commonwealth Games at the end of this week and L is lifting weights in training for the next one which would mean a nice trip to Australia. She did drop her weights this morning (blaming the wrong sort of breakfast... e.g. Weetabix not toast and Marmite) but then so did our gold medallist who dropped her 120kg last night live on TV. 

So she’s in good company even if she’s not quite lifting that sort of weight just yet. She is in double figures and it’s only four years to the next Commonwealths.

On Tuesday evening we do a bit of a parent tour. First L’s Mum’s place for a coffee then around to my Dad’s.

Wednesday is the last day of my working week and I really should do my one day a week (at least) in work but I can’t be bothered. So I do another day of WFH.

(Wednesday 3rd August)

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