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Wednesday 26 October 2022

Annual Rejection

For a brief moment it looked as if the Conservative party was going to bring back Boris Johnson to succeed Liz Truss, as hilarious and as tragic as that would have been, but in the end we get Rishi. I wonder if he can last until Christmas. 

I receive my annual London Marathon rejection which for once is a relief as it’s highly unlikely I’d be able to upgrade my hobbling from five miles for twenty six miles by April.  

However, after telling us all that the 10 miles of the Great South would be the last time she ever ran further than10k L’s sister gets a place. Cue a massive dilemma and a major rethink as it’s not the sort of thing you can turn down.

Derby draw 0-0 with Exeter as they struggle to come to terms with the different rules in League One, basically that there are no rules and they seem to keep getting caught out by this.

We come home to find a dog on the wrong side of the gate again. He just can’t stop himself jumping the gate to confront the postman but then can’t get back.

(Wednesday 27th October)

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