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Sunday 2 October 2022

To A Safe Place

While L is becoming a film star in a new promotional video at work, I am hooking up online with Romania. I have a first meeting with the boss of project team who I could be working with. L immediately enquires whether there’s any chance of a visit to Romania. Unlikely I’m afraid, everything is done remotely these days. 

Late afternoon I head over to my Dad’s to check on what’s happening with his hedge because two guys are cutting it today. When I get there they’ve already finished, packed up and gone home. It took them four hours to do all the hedges. The guy who did it last year took four days.

I bike into work on Thursday and typically it rains on me. This seems to happen every time I cycle at the moment. At least I’m not alone in the office this time. It is packed today. There’s three of us.

After he jumped the gate last time we both abandoned him, L leaves the gate open for the Lad but, probably because she’s closed the curtain across the front door to try to stop him sitting on the stairs all day looking for us, he seems to stay in his own bed most of the time. He's such a grown up boy now that he doesn’t seem to be terribly interested in being upstairs. 

I go to the gym just to try to make L jealous. This doesn’t work the other way round.

Naturally on the one day I’m not at home someone tries to deliver something. Today it’s my monthly beer box which they say they have ‘delivered to a safe place: NEAR CAR.’ Thankfully no one has stolen it by the time I get home.

I also have a card telling me I missed a second delivery but when I go to pick it up from the sorting office on Friday naturally I find they’re on strike.

On Saturday we both Parkrun at Clifton.

(Sunday 2nd October)

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