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Saturday 22 October 2022

Read The Memo

It was very foggy and dark on Wollaton Park on Tuesday morning which probably made the strange old man limping across the field with his dog look even stranger but then I had just done the Great South Run (well half of it). 

In the evening my 94 year old father helps me up the steps as we attend Derby County against Manchester City Under 21s in the totally pointless Papa John’s Trophy.

Derby’s two games in the trophy so far against Grimsby and Mansfield have been played out in the style of a pre-season friendly between largely reserve sides. Manchester City then turn up, not having read the memo, and take it seriously. It is only an under 21 side but several of their players are worth many times what our entire team is worth let alone what Grimsby’s and Mansfield’s sides are worth. Me thinks this tournament is mainly for the benefit of the Premiership teams. Yes we lose but I’m not bitter.

On Thursday Liz Truss finally concedes defeat, congratulates the lettuce and resigns.

While I receive an email at work to say that they are closing the Derby office permanently on 9th December. I’m obviously not surprised but that’s sooner than I expected. It’s all very sad and the end of an era.

I actually go into the office on Friday. I go in on the bus but then get a lift back from Daughter who picks me up in her car having been out with L.

Derby’s match at Ipswich in the evening is on Sky which I watch but my Dad has issues with his remote control and misses it. Perhaps I should have gone round.

L Parkruns on Saturday at Wollaton while I nurse my sore knees.

After his weekend away the Baton spends most of the week upside down in his bed. He has no stamina but then L did have the rake out a few times collecting up leaves. On Sunday he has to supervise the cutting of two lawns in one day. We probably won’t see him until Wednesday.

(Saturday 22nd October)

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