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Sunday 20 November 2022

250th Parkrun

The Lad spends most of Monday in his bed resting his eyes, comatose, catching up on his heavy day yesterday.

He does summon the strength to leap the gate, right in front of me, to get at the postman. He seems to be getting rather good at this. Although quite why the postman has come this morning, who knows. What’s wrong with 4pm as usual? I consider leaving the Lad there but in the end let him back in but only really so that I can get the post off him.

On Tuesday evening my Dad and I go to the FA Cup replay against Torquay United and Derby cruise through 5-0. The smallish crowd of just over 7,000 means only half the ground is open, so we have to move seats to the other side of the ground as we have done for all the Cup matches so far. Derby’s bar is also closed so we have to head to the Exeter afterwards.

On Wednesday I head over to Derby post-work to meet my friend for a few drinks. He has started drinking halves but two at a time, of different beers. L’s always said I should have a half to try a new beer. He’s doubling down on this. We drink in the Alexandra and then go to the Exeter for food.

On Thursday I have a Committee Meeting in the evening while L is out for a walk and lunch with her friends in Derby.

On Friday we try a new Indian restaurant called Tarka on Midland Road in Derby with friends. The food is ok but they don’t sell alcohol which means it’s a real dilemma what to drink. Although to be fair it’s always a dilemma what to drink in an Indian restaurant even when they do sell alcohol as none of it is much good.

Saturday is L’s 250th Parkrun which she does a Clifton. Afterwards the Lad and I present her a 250th parkrun buff that we purchased in preparation for this great day.

Then on Sunday she runs the Heanor Pudding Run 10k at Shipley Park. The Lad, my Dad and I go along to support but spend most of the time queuing at the park café which rather annoying the run no longer goes past. So then we have to quickly hot foot it to the finish line.

(Sunday 20th November)

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