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Sunday 6 November 2022

Another Unexplained Freebie

On Monday we again do the local primary school’s Halloween Trail only this year we do it in heavy rain. Daughter joins but we don’t stick it out for long given the state of the weather. 

At least there’s plenty of fresh rainwater to swim in when L gets to the outdoor pool the next morning.

I go into work on Wednesday on the bus. Which turns up on time but the Mango app is playing up so several people got a free ride. It's very windy as well as wet which is why I didn’t cycle.

I look on the camera and see that the Lad is helping himself to the bird balls that were in a bag in the kitchen. At least giving them a good licking if nothing else. L nips home and saves him from himself.

I meet my ex-colleague for lunch and get updated on life in retirement. He’s just got his bus pass and wasn’t surprised to hear about the impending closure of our old office.

Then there is another unexplained freebie on the Red Arrow on the way home.

Having failed to get into the London Marathon, the next thing on the schedule to fail to get into is Glastonbury. Tickets go on sale on Thursday and Sunday. Of course both attempts end in utter un-heroic failure. Not a sniff.

L is at Derby Book Festival for three days from Friday having bought a season ticket to cover all the sessions. The four talks per day have rather large gaps between them and two of them are postponed to a different week which makes it quite a marathon for her.

She finds out on day one that the one about Henry Chips Channon was about a Tory politician from early last century and not a child’s book. Though it’s probably very similar really. We collect her at 8:30.

On Saturday L parkruns before returning to the Book Festival where it’s her turn for a freebie on the Red Arrow. I’m not sure many people pay. We meet her afterwards in the Exeter.

On Sunday I go to my Dad’s the watch Derby in the FA Cup First Round away at Torquay United which has been chosen for showing on ITV. Derby are 2-0 up and cruising until they gave away a penalty which resulted in a sending off, then they conceded a late equaliser. They’ll be a replay.

L skips the last of her book talks which means my Dad and I head off early to meet her in the Exeter for a roast beef cob. That they run out of. Nick Wallis, famous of the Post Office scandal, whom L has just watched obviously has the same idea and is there in the pub.

(Sunday 6th November)

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