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Sunday 13 November 2022

Other Stockists Are Available

L continues to do the occasional class at David Lloyds even though she’s now quit and her membership ends at the end of the year. She says they all seem very quiet, so perhaps everyone else is leaving as well. 

Meanwhile L’s boss is going round the various Aldi's in the area, buying up their 'cheap posh' wine ready for a drinks party he's having. We never thought he’d been seen dead in Aldi so he may be doing it in disguise.

Sainsbury’s seem to have decided to have stop stocking Markies, as in dog treats, which has caused a bit of a trauma in our household. Other stockists are, thankfully, available.

I bike into work on Thursday to find I’m the only one there until our former MD turns up. L works from home alongside my usual co-worker.

I go out with my Dad later and take him for a pint. I come home first to collect the Lad and also because I can’t really take my Dad to the pub on my bike. Although he would probably be game for a backie.

L sets herself a small eco mission to stop using disposable coffee cups. Unfortunately she will get little help from the coffee shops or the Government. It’s immensely frustrating that so many places are going backwards on this. The likes of Wollaton Park used to use proper mugs in their cafes but now it’s all takeaway cups which means we rarely go there but it doesn’t seem to put most people off.

Derby go to Anfield in the League Cup and take Liverpool all the way to penalties where they then lose.

L parkruns at Wollaton on Saturday in what is her 249th parkrun. Next week will be her 250th.

Sunday is the dog club's Members Day where everyone from our club who wants to can complete in up to three runs. 45 dogs turn up. If only we could get just a fraction of that turnout for our AGM. The Lad doesn’t disgrace himself or embarrass me for a change. At least not at first. His first run is excellent. Just one pole down and a wide turn while recording the third fast time. Which would have been the fastest without those things. His second run was ok but, yes, his third one was embarrassing. 

I make my judging début for all of one run, while someone else was on a loo break. My Dad comes to watch and has a great time. He then goes home with my brother while we go straight to pick L up from one of her rearranged book talks.

(Sunday 13th November)

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