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Tuesday 24 January 2023

Progress But Slow Progress

Monday is a busy day in the home office as I have to keep going to the front door to accept packages for L. Not one but three package arrive in quick succession in the morning. One is clearly a book; another looks like a shoe box but the third one is massive and turns out to be a gigantic jigsaw. Thankfully they have all arrived before my afternoon video call which the Lad joins me on. L is out on the razz later and we pick her up from Pierre's in Derby. 

Tuesday is another busy day for the Lad with a trip to the gym over lunch and another video call in the afternoon.

My Dad gets the same letter from the NHS two days running inviting him to book an appointment for his knee. The letters give a a web link that offers the choice of three nearby clinics, none of which have any appointments available.

There’s also a phone number but it says not to call the number if you have internet access because the people on the end of the phone can only see what you can see online. So you are left to leave a message online with your preferred clinic to say please call me. This may be progress but it’s slow progress.

The morning walks are fresh and frosty all this week but also full of detours due to unsociable herds of deer and on Wednesday the feared little white terrier. The afternoons are a bit warmer so the Lad gets out in the garden to practise for birdwatch which is at the weekend. We have downloaded our guide. 

(Tuesday 24th January)

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