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Sunday 15 January 2023


While I now feel almost 100% again, L seems to have got it much worse than me. My Dad is also struggling and summons me over in the middle of the night which isn’t ideal as I may still be infectious. So I go over masked up. 

He is unable to get into bed as his legs are very weak, so I help him get into bed. I give him a Covid test which comes up positive but only with a very faint line.

I try to stay away from him after that but as he keeps calling me over for things it’s not really possible but I keep up the mask wearing.

L stays off work all week while I'm obviously working from home anyway as I no longer have an office to go to. I go to dog training on Wednesday and to our committee meeting on Friday figuring it’s been longer than the recommended five days. I even visit the 70s gym again.

Meanwhile my 'old' gym membership in Derby seems to have ended itself in October after a year despite the fact I did visit in November. Perhaps they knew I was leaving. Freaky.

It also turns out that my office isn’t the only place to have closed on Pride Park recently. Apparently the Soccerdome is no more and it is now a Padel Tennis centre. I had no idea they’d taken out all of the football pitches. I wonder what it’ll be in six months’ time once the Padel Tennis has failed.

(Sunday 15th January)

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