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Sunday 29 January 2023


The Lad finds a tennis ball and carries it all the way around his morning walk meaning he forgot to lurch around as much as usual which was better for my knees. Perhaps this is the way forwards for our walks and my knees although he mislaid the ball in the end. 

I skive off work early on Friday to help set up our Championship dog agility show which is over towards Grantham. Saturday is the show itself which goes well. I leave the Lad at home with L who parkruns at Wollaton.

L once wanted to be the 10k Queen, then she abdicated, then she changed her mind, then once again she was going to knock the 10Ks on the head, now she’s reconsidering that idea once again. There’s a brand new Sinfin 5 race in May on her old childhood stomping ground. All hail the 5 Mile Queen.

Then later on Saturday they do Birdwatch which overruns because they have to wait for a Robin to show up. He clearly didn’t get the memo from Birdwatch.  

(Sunday 29th January)

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