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Saturday 4 February 2023

Lack Of Pockets

On Monday L attends an early yoga class at our retro gym but there is only two of them there, so there are doubts about whether it will keep going. Meanwhile the Lad and I are terrier dodging on our walk before a trip out to Sainsburys in the car. A pointless trip, as Doggo would have said. 

I buy my Dad a puffer jacket to keep him warm on his holiday in Scotland with us. Now I just have to convince him to wear it. We have a night game on Monday against West Ham in the FA Cup 4th Round and I can’t convince him to test it out for that given its ‘lack of pockets’. Derby lose the game being heavily outclassed by the Premier League team.

On Tuesday the park is closed for the annual deer cull so we have to walk the streets instead. While L has a busy swim because they’ve been leafleting the local streets for extra customers so today they are joined by Flipper Man and Spider Woman. Quiet does have its advantages.

L asks for a lesson on the ‘Red Button’ as she is not a TV aficionado and she wants to watch Winter Watch which is currently on it - herds of Reindeer, that sort of thing. Being a technical guru I can tell her that there’s a ‘red button’ on the remote control and you simply press it. Hence the name. That’s it. I am a genius.

Of course it’s all a con and what it actually does in reality is retune you to a different channel, 601 on Freeview, which of course you could just pick instead.

We are out with friends at Niccos on Pride Park on Friday so L asks if Thursday is our romantic night in rather than Friday so that she can pick up some Prosecco. I’ve beat her to it and it’s already in the cupboard. 

On Friday at Niccos we get the food quantities right this time and the only downside to the evening is a rather loud singer who drowns most of our conversation out.

Saturday is parkrun at Wollaton Hall for those able to run and then there’s a match in the afternoon. After which it’s holiday time.

(Saturday 4th February)

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