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Saturday 25 February 2023

Secret Admirer

I start the week by giving the 'evil cycling for lapsed cyclists' session another go while L goes for the more sedate (my words) yoga at the retro gym amongst the young pups wearing next to nothing (her words) . 

On Tuesday I am out in Derby with my friend and for once I don’t have a problem getting a Red Arrow although it then takes an age to navigate around the gas works closure on Derby Road. Apparently the lad is upset I’ve gone out without him on what is often his pub night with my Dad. He’s upset even though he’s asleep and snoring.

My friend tells me about the new Derby Brewing pub called Notsa that is opening in Aston on Trent next week. I don’t know what the other two pubs in the village think of that. I’m surprised Aston can support the current two pubs let alone a third and apparently the local residents aren’t happy because there is no parking with it. Then again that's not much the local residents are ever happy about.

On Thursday L outdoes my night out with a whole day out in Manchester. A day of wallpaper, Elizabeth Gaskell (a novelist I'm told) and probably Waterstones. She’s so eclectic.

Daughter drops round for a shower as hers is broken (again). The Lad hides under my desk the whole time. He’s going to have to get used to her visiting if she’s moving in. I cheer him up with a trip to Asda, a video call for work which he joins in with and then a night in the pub with my Dad. We’re in our usual, the New Inn in Shardlow, because Notsa isn’t open yet. Hopefully they’ll allow dogs so that we can visit when it’s open.

Fridays meanwhile have now settled into a nice routine. L swims, brings us both a bacon sandwich for breakfast then pretends to work from home.

On Saturday L and her Mum get free tea from a complete stranger, probably a secret admirer of theirs. This never happens to my Dad and me in the pub.

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