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Sunday 5 March 2023

Character Building

On Sunday the Lad has a traumatic experience as we take him for a night out at the Horse and Jockey in Stapleford on the i4. Personally I would describe it as character building but I think L disagrees. 

Monday isn’t any better for him as our morning walk is disrupted by him getting mugged by a particularly aggressive black Labrador. 

With amazing timing, on one of my rare visits, Facebook pops ups a ‘memory’ of me with a very young MD in my arms on the Caledonian Canal back in 2010. That was the mega year when we got snowed in at the cottage we stayed in.

Also with strange timing one of my customers premises burns down somewhere near Perth just south of where we were at Pitlochry. Wasn’t me.

My lucky number comes up in the first ballot for the Paris Olympics next year giving me the option over the next 48 hours to buy tickets for three sports. Although it is a case of choose three sports from only about a eight that they still have available and that you afford without remortgaging.  

On Tuesday Derby have a first ever home match with Cheltenham Town and then another one at home on Saturday with Shrewsbury Town. Wednesday is Tunnel and Sausage night as dog training is now known.

As we both attempt to build some fitness, I manage two gym sessions this week which I’m quite proud of and a cycling track session. L of course manages twenty-two gym sessions (approximately) but her yoga class gets cancelled because there was no-one else there. It was possibly a bit too early in the moirning for the youngsters.

On Friday L isn’t working from home so I don’t get my bacon sandwich for breakfast. That’s fine, I like toast. Friday is also our Anniversary. 127 years (approximately).

L Parkruns at Beeston on Saturday despite struggling with a back injury and on Sunday we have a night out at the Organ Grinder.

(Sunday 5th March)

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