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Sunday 21 May 2023

A Kid In A Sweet Shop

A Monday that isn’t a bank holiday. How strange. We also both have heartburn from the last night’s curry at Kayal. I did say that we were not impressed. Dr Google says that a ripe banana eases this and Dr Google turns out to be right.

Derby Velodrome’s online booking system is down so I ring them up to book my cycling session where they confirm that ‘yes it is down and can I try again later’. It is down for them too. Their prediction that it will be up ‘within the hour’ turns out to be true. It might have been better if it wasn’t as I take a bit of a tumble when I’m there.

The new bird bath seems to be getting plenty of use but I just hope the birds aren’t thirsty or wanting a bath as a dog seems to keep emptying it. In fact it’s carnage in the bird garden this morning. Everything I put out this morning has gone and someone has thrown the feeder on the lawn. I think it’s one of the big crows and not the Lad but he’s benefiting from it as he does like the suet treats.

We have a minor crisis at L can’t get any hot cross buns as they've taken them off the shelves at Lidl and also at Co-Op too. Is Easter over now then? Christmas is never over this quick. But there is hope as my Dad has them all year round thanks to Asda and it seems Sainsbury’s still have them too.

Having been impressed last week L signs up to the open water swim club at Colwick and even downloads their app. She goes there again on Thursday evening saying that open water swimming is the prefect de-stress after a fraught day where ‘someone’ has driven over his own hearing aids. Ah, I think that may be her boss. ‘Someone’ I knew did the same thing once but I’m not sure open water swimming was my de-stress method of choice.

We go along with her for the walk. Wollaton Park is great but it’s fun exploring somewhere we don’t really know that well.

I don’t think the Lad is angling for a swim. They don’t allow dogs at Colwick but they do elsewhere but it would probably be a waste of time, we'd never get him in the water.

On Friday our Lodger\Daughter flies out to Geneva for weekend away. Let off the leash the OFDs have a house party, just the three of us. The place is bouncing. Sex, drugs and rock n roll.

On Saturday L Parkruns at Alvaston and then heads into town. I take the Lad home then collect my Dad to take him into town too to meet L and her Mum. On the way to meet them he binges £200 on new clothes in M&S. It’s good to be out in town he says. A kid in a sweet shop springs to mind.

We then have not one but two coffee stops with L and her Mum. Afterwards we go home via Nottingham to fetch the Lad and then to Aston to cut his lawn. You could call it a busy day.

L books another swim session on her new App and we go again on Sunday where it’s the organiser’s dog’s birthday. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to the like the Lad, so we can’t wish him many happy returns.

After her swim and our lap of the lake on terra firma walking, given the amount of time it takes to get served at Wired, we go for our bacon sandwich and coffee at Daleside Café instead.

The OFD’s are out again later sitting outside in the sun at both the Good Fellow George and the Organ Grinder.

(Sunday 21st May)

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