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Sunday 14 May 2023


Monday is a second consecutive Bank Holiday, this time for L’s birthday obviously. Nothing to do with King Charlie. It’s not the first time they’ve done this because she had one in 2020 as well or that may have had something to do with VE Day.

On Tuesday I go down for a blood test on Exchange Walk in Nottingham as I’ve agreed to join the Our Future Health project. I do love a good health project and we’re already in the one from Biobank. L wasn’t keen to join until she saw that I got a cholesterol test as part of it. Then she books her own. Mine wasn’t great - 6.3.

It’s Eurovision this week and we watch one of the Semi Finals on Tuesday and then the final on Saturday. Finland is the public’s favourite but Sweden win.

My Dad gets paid the very generous sum of £5800 for his car which to everyone’s delight, apart from his, they’ve written off.

On Saturday we (by which I mean just L) do another new parkrun this time at Ashbourne Recreation Ground. It’s good parkrun but the very inattentive woman in the Café can’t cope with our reusable mugs and makes our first coffee in a disposable cup before then tipping it into our reusable one and then binning the disposable one. I point out her error and she apologies before doing exactly the same thing for our second drink using a fresh disposable cup. The planet is basically fucked with people like that around.

We collect a stone birdbath from L’s Mum for our ever growing bird garden. The Lad loves his new drinking bowl.

On Sunday L swims at Colwick and I walk the Lad there where they have now tarmacked almost the entire parkrun course possibly making it one of the fastest around. We have a bacon butty and coffee at the Wired on Wheels van afterwards.

Then us Old Fuddy Duddies are out again. We go back to Brewdog where sadly the Mars Bar beer is now more and then we have a meal at Kayal. Which we’ve been meaning to return to for some time but this time frankly we’re not that impressed.

(Sunday 14th May)

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