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Sunday 28 May 2023

Once Suggested, Never Unsuggested

I hadn't suggested to my Dad that he could come watch me cycle at the velodrome on a Monday because once suggested this cannot be unsuggested. Now it's out there he is almost as excited as he was about going into town on Saturday.

Afterwards he fancies a pint, so we go to Notsa. Where he tells me he’d like to ride the track on a tandem. I think we'll park that thought for now.

He's also delighted with his new milk deliveries that have successfully started. I’ve set him up on Milk & More like we are for milk, bread and juice.

All of this makes for a fun evening but it’s lengthened my night out from getting back about 8:30 to getting back about 10:30. Not to mention having to skip out of work early to pick him up.

Daughter returns to find we haven’t trashed the house in her absence.

The day when she should get her deposit back from her old flat crawls closer. I thought having an independent company holding the deposit was supposed to make this an easier and fairer process but having done everything by the book online they still won’t release the money. The landlord has not engaged with the process at all so now Daughter has to submit a form saying she thinks she’s entitled to her own money back but it must be witnessed by a solicitor. Which could end up costing more than what the deposit is. Thankfully she knows someone she can ask. Many won’t be so fortunate.

I’m out with my old school friend in Derby on Tuesday. 

Then on Thursday and Friday work gives us a couple of days to play around with new technology namely AI in something they call the Hackathon. It’s all a bit beyond me but I have a go while managing a slightly longer than usual trip to the medieval torture chamber for a workout and proposing possible holidays to L. I present her with a menu of options and she plumps for ‘Bath by train if they’re not on strike’. She says it sounds pretty amazing; I think she means it looks cheap. I start looking at hotels, it isn’t cheap. 

Meanwhile L’s sister has got Covid. There’s a lot of it about apparently but most people think it’s just a bit of hay fever given how mild it can now be.

While L’s brother is moving to Columbia which is causing a few family ructions. He puts his house up for auction for a quick sale and then gets an even quicker sale as someone instantly makes him a good offer. They plan to turn it into an Airbnb. In Alvaston? 

Tina Turner dies.

Then it’s Bacon Sandwich Friday which means L’s been for a swim and in the afternoon I take my Dad to another of the coffee afternoons for the Golden Oldies at Derby County. He dresses up in his new threads and then we win a heavily rigged version of Play Your Cards Right (nobody seemed to know the required tactics for it). We come home with a box of Coronation Biscuits

Saturday is again Parkrun at Alvaston and then for L there's another exhausting Intu trip (her words and it’s actually not Intu anymore) but not with my Dad and me this time. I’m still recovering from last week.

On Sunday we are there for the Colwick swim again. The Lad and I take a longer walk with an orienteering map to see how many we can find.

In evening we go over to Leamington for a pleasant night with Son and his missus in what I am reliably told is called the Squiggly Squid but turns out to be the Giggling Squid. Which I should have known as I’ve been before. It’s a Thai restaurant and apparently there’s even one in Nottingham. 

(Sunday 28th May)

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