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Sunday 25 June 2023

All Systems Failure

Having asked for rain to refresh the grass at Locko Park for our dog show we are now getting it in bucket loads which makes for some damp morning walks.

I fit in an evil gym session on Tuesday between my evil cycling session on Monday and my evil physio\PT session on Wednesday. I’m loving my sport at the moment.

L’s boss skips work on Wednesday. His car won't lock. I am yet again impressed by what is yet another very original excuse from her boss. In the evening we take my Dad swimming again.

My Dad thinks he’s got an optician’s appointment for Thursday but it turns out to be next Thursday as he found out when he went but he still enjoyed himself. He came back with four bags of shopping and now looks forward to another trip out next week.

There are reports of a fire at Morley Hayes golf club where my Dad and Brother were at the weekend. My Dad was minding the golf buggy as a Father’s Day treat. The two events don’t seem to be related. At first I think at least they got a game in there while they could but then on second look it was just an outbuilding that held all their green keeping facilities that burnt down. They have lost their fleet of lawnmowers but are again open as normal.

Thursday sees the new football fixtures released so planning for the rest of the year can now commence! In the evening I have a committee meeting and it’s also our first Civil Partnership anniversary, which criminally isn’t something I even have in my diary. Yet this is just one year among twenty-seven equally glorious ones.

The Lad leaps the gate again to help the postman who is pushing a parcel through the letter box, which turns out to be a new parkrun top for L. It’s a good job I’m here to let him back through.

On Friday I have the car in for a service and uniquely they don’t find anything extra to charge me to fix. I have my fingers crossed all day that the ‘all systems failure’ it comes up with every few days doesn’t materialise. This ‘failure’ is that all driving aids such as parking sensors etc have failed. I don’t miss any of these when they’re not working so I don’t particularly want to pay to have it fixed.

A lot of the weekend is spent try to keep up with Glastonbury on TV, as again they wouldn’t let us have a ticket, through the BBC’s very hit and miss coverage.

On Friday evening I propose skipping a night on the ‘cans’ and we walk to the local Willoughby pub where we have a very pleasant couple of drinks in the sun and just the two drinks. Then we overdo it by having an extra one or two when we get back.

Saturday is parkrun at Alvaston and then another trip into town with my Dad where L and her Mum are now struggling to come up with new cafes for us to try.

Sunday is again swimming and orienteering at Colwick Park. Then in the afternoon we do a joint gym session.

They say that working out of course increases your dopamine and testosterone levels. For me this means that when you get home, you just want to throw your gym buddy on the bed and ravish her but then you realise that you’re now too old for that sort of thing, that the lodger will be in and that you’ve got to go to scatter your dog’s ashes on the park.

That’s MD of course, who died just over a year ago. We scatter them with Daughter which is a great way for her to spend her 30th birthday. Then we take her to Miller & Carter for a proper celebration. 

(Sunday 25th June)

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